How to celebrate the start of the season

What are you guys doing Canada Day to celebrate the start of the CFL? Some will be at games but those who aren't, what will ya do instead?

I'm driving up to Prince George June 30 to suprise the ol 'man as he's retiring that day and we'll watch the games and most likely have a few beers. I'll head home on the 3rd to have a party at my place to watch the Lions game.

I know you only wanted responses from those who won't be at a game, but I'm going to jump in here anyway.

Mrs MadJack and I were married on July 1st so it is our anniversary tradition to celebrate by attending a CFL game on July 1st each anniversary. We were in Calgary for their home opener on 1 July 2007; we skipped 2008; last season we were at Hamilton's home opener; and this year we'll be in the stands at Taylor Field watching Saskatchewan take on Montreal.

Going to have a BBQ, then table hockey tournament followed by some football. Probably miss a bit of the first game, but will watch my Argos @ 10

Gonna eat some good food and drink a lotta beer! :smiley:

Going To Winnipeg from Hamilton to support our Tiger-Cats…Should be fun celebrating Canada Day in Winnipeg !!!

I'll be watching the games at home with some good eats and ice cold Coca~Cola, ...and have one of my Argo hats close by and probably practise some guitar/bass while watching the tv... 8)

You could add your own musical effects to the game.

Another Stamps touchdown....wup-wup-WAHHHH.


Teach until 10pm, hopefully home in time to watch the Argos.

im throwing ajuly first pool party and hot tubbing in my back yard with two BBQ's going, Tv's set up outside and inside, pre-pre game on the radio going through the pool speakers, possible 8-ball tourny afterwards. lots of beer and booze will be flowing... I will bartending under the gazibo and watchin pre game.

I guess I'm the downer of the group, I work til about an hour before kickoff, when I'll be heading to the Rider game.

Probably just enjoy Canada day festivities,with some football on the side.
Does life get any better?
I love the Canada day start, I think it's brilliant.

I'm taking the day off work so I'll get a 5 day weekend and get to celebrate both Canada Day and the 4th of July :smiley:

Having a couple of friends over for a bbq and the start of football!

BBQ, fireworks, pool, football or camping and a bottle of Innis & Gunn Canadian Cask. This year will likely be camping as the season opener is in Winnipeg this year. We usually listen to it on the radio.

You hear that everyone? Party at Hothead's house!!! :smiley:

I get to work the graveyard shift so I will cut my sleep in half and watch my roughies take on the worth the missed and the game pepsi and nachos supreme

drinking beer, eating bacon, watching TiCats win :smiley:

Babes? Any bikini babes?

Well, I imagine where there's a pool, there's girls in bikinis. :stuck_out_tongue:

Girls in bikinis are one thing. This does not mean they're babes. The wrong girl in a bikini can be rather, unnecessary shall we say.

Well, Hothead seems like a decent guy. I'm sure he keeps good company. :smiley: