How to bring back the CFL's popularity (move the Argos to Victoria, BC)

As a season ticket holder, I wouldn’t like missing those games.

I hear ya. But as a fan of the CFL I would not mind seeing the Alouettes play a home game in Columbus, Ohio (Columbus Crew soccer stadium) before the American high school, NCAA, and NFL seasons get underway.

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I don’t blame you.....or the twelve other guys that show up.
Good on you for being an American Als fan though.

I always thought it would be a great idea to have CFL football in an American stadium for a game on July 4th weekend with fireworks afterwards as part of the deal.

Luv to see the Als (red, white, and blue uniforms help), and there are people willing to pay top dollar to see a CFL game with the promise of fireworks afterwards.

The only other option is fireworks afterwards at a baseball game or soccer game and that's not much to get excited about.

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I remember Baltimore drew big crowds.

That old stadium with a grass field and bleachers had major issues and was completely torn down.

It's a new build .

A completely new stadium paid for with donations . 20 million to build . They are adding a pavilion to the open end for 11 million also paid for already with donations .

University officials announced Thursday that they have secured the $11 million in funding from 300 donators to design and construct the pavilion by the spring of 2023.


I do wonder when I see that stadium why a meagre humble 20 k stadium in Halifax seems to be such a difficult task .

When the pavilion is completed, it will provide coaches and student-athletes with modern training and competition spaces as well as athletic therapy, hydrotherapy facilities, meeting rooms and other sport-related amenities, a Queen’s news release said.

It will also create a new team room for football that has direct field access.

For fans, the pavilion will connect the entire stadium at the concourse level and provide a permanent home for the Gaels Club.

It will have concessions as well as an elevated viewing area of the field. The pavilion will also create a new prominent entrance that will serve as the gateway to the stadium.


Always thought it would be good for teams to hold training camps and the pre-season outside their cities. It would be good to see Ottawa use Kingston for a month and host their home exhibition game there.

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It would be better for two teams to use the same practice field in a Kingston scenario. Instead of 8 teams (BC is out of luck because of no geographical rival) leasing 8 fields get them to lease 4. Try to save a little money. Team A practice in the morning. Team B practice in the Afternoon. Once in a while both teams can scrimmage against each other. Hopefully TSN would try to tell a story in a daily 30 minute show about where the players come from etc. Then get all dramatic when players get cut or if they make the team.

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Don't like the idea of moving any team let alone from "major market". That said - open to the idea of expansion. I think in an all Canadian based league you would have to cap it at 12 teams so sign on up Halifax, Moncton, Quebec, London, Windsor, Saskatoon, & Victoria or others who can get it done!

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The CFL needs to add to the money coffers for this with even MORE seating capacity.

You could have one of the eight (oops I mean nine) existing CFL teams threaten to move there or play a few games there every year.

Totally against expansion. Canada has a team in every major market and has shot themselves in the foot.

And yet some people here will call for that almost on a seasonal basis. Weird

The Shreveport Argos has a nice ring to it :laughing:

no no, move Toronto, not the Argos :slight_smile:

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That’s great for CFL fans outside CFL cities. Also good for keeping interest in the league alive and maybe attracting the kids. Love those maritime games.

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Moncton has the best non-CFL stadium in entire country (and has hosted Touchdown Atlantic games)

After that.... Fort McMurray AB hosted Northern Kickoff
Seats about 20,000+

Laval (Quebec City) seats about 12,000

Most Canadian stadiums are tiny; once you leave ON (who really does NOT need a 4th CFL team) 8,000 and less capacity are pretty normal


The CFL has to market the product to attract a new fan base & needs to be present in Montreal, Toronto & Vancouver. Sorry but sponsors will not be attracted to smaller populated markets plus CFL has lost appeal with millenniums and younger. The CFL is trying with the "Rise " campaign & The TSN CFl's panel has finally changed. We have to be modern.


people on the island are kinda trapped there. what the hell else are they going to do on a friday. not many other options.


The current smaller market teams attract some of the biggest sponsors now.

I think successful expansion to smaller markets like Halifax and Victoria would help attract more sponsors to the league, and they'd help attract more fans by providing growth and increased variety.

The biggest draw in BC now is the smallest market in the league. I'd wager a team based in Victoria, being a regional rival, would draw quite well in Vancouver.

The biggest draw in Toronto now is the smallest market in the East. I'd wager a team based in Halifax would be able to draw well in other markets, somewhat like the Riders do, since so many Nova Scotians have spread throughout the country.

I'd wager a team based in Quebec City would draw very well in Montreal.

The trick, of course, is to attract people to shell out the money to for expansion franchises and suitable stadia.

Expanding to some of these markets would make the league more modern.


kinda like Sask :slight_smile: