How to better understand football?


Good day, CFL fans! Aren't you pumped that the 2012 season is right around the corner? I know I am.

I have a question for the many football gurus who frequent this forum. What advice do you have for someone who already knows the basics of CFL football and wants to get a deeper understanding of the game? I have read many threads on this site over the years. Many members have really sharp insights into the game. What was your path to football "wisdom"? :slight_smile:

Some of the things I'm already doing to improve my football "IQ":

  • Try to watch at least one game as week on tv. Sometimes get to watch more.
  • Read all the CFL coverage in my local paper and on TSN's website.
  • Follow the discussion on knowledgeable fan forums. :lol:

What else did you do to better understand the game? Do you focus on just the o-line vs the d-line battle when watching games on tv? Did you start going to local CIS matches to see a simpler style of football that was easier to read? Did you play lots of Madden on your Xbox? What thing(s) led to a better understanding?

Thanks for your time. Go, Riders!

/ VP


come live with me for a season, you'll be an expert in no time!... :lol:

...some expert, you still haven't answered my question from years ago on which of the pointy ends of the football is the 'front'...

...Vipin, sounds like you are already doing all the right things, now just let time do it's thing for you...

I was lucky enough to be able to play football for a couple years in high school, so I got some first hand lessons that way. But if you are trying to expand your understanding, there are a lot of ways to go about it, and yo are off to a good start with what you mentioned.

Here are a couple of other suggestions:

  • Go to as many games as you can, and take a few plays where you watch whats happening away from the ball. TV coverage is great, but you really pick up a lot more when you can see the whole field in play. Most people in atendance at a game will be freindly enough to answer a question or two here and there also, just dont bombard them with 3 after every play! :slight_smile:

  • Radio coverage. If you live in a CFL market, chances are you will get good radio coverage of the local team (maybe not in Calgray, where I live. THis is a place where the sports talk shows would rather analyze the 7th round of the NHL draft or speculate on the free agent issues the Columbus Blue Jackets have - even in the middle of August!). Radio interviews with coaches and players are longer than in Sport Center shows (longer radio segments and a local bias make this possible), and are chalk full of great insight.

If you go on the web, you can find the radio stations for each team,and on their websites, they often post interviews of note for later listneing. In my travels, I have found the Team 1040 in Vancouver covers the CFL quite well, 630 CHED in Edmonton is great, of course the Roughrider radio network is all over it in Saskatchewan and even in Toronto, Mike Richards iss a big CFL fan. I cant speak for Winnipeg or Hamilton or Montreal, but I am sure they get solid radio coverage as well.

Sorry, this went on and on and on…

Anyone else counting the hours until 2012 kick-off tonight!?!?!? :rockin:

there is no FRONT on a football.

if there's anything it's the laces... that could be a front.

I agree on the radio coverage. IMO you would probably learn more by listening than watching.

Video games. While there is not a CFL game to my knowledge, you pick up on intricacies that are a part of both NFL and CFL

Tune in to after game discussions / roundtables

And of course watching with already knowledgeable fans

There is a front on a ship, though... until it falls off

Well, when a TD is scored by a Running Back on the rush; the plane is broke by the nose of the football.


...sorry man, couldn't resist...

Well, when a TD is scored by a Running Back on the rush; the plane is broke by the nose of the football.


ya but they don't say A nose..or 1 nose. the players don't have to make sure they have 1 particular end facing forward when they take it in! :lol:

..the football has a nose on either end. :stuck_out_tongue:

A football is a strange object. It's two faced and you can't tell which is the top or the bottom. :slight_smile: