How to beat Montreal

Since we are all so critical of Marshall (me included) lets see how the experts on this site would beat Montreal.

I am of the opinion the only way to beat Montreal is to pressure Calvillo. In every playoff game they have lost he has been hurried or even knocked out of the game. Kavis needs to send as many players as he can and pray we get some kind coverage. The three-man rush in any situation will be our downfall. On the other side of the ball Montreal's defense is all pressure so our quick play offense may actually work providing we stay out of second and long. If Holmes is ready I would also like to see him and Josh in the same back field.

I am an Als fun. Hamilton can beat Montreal if Hamilton gets their Air offnese under way. You have an excellent QB et got good players compared to last year. Terry Vaughn had a slow start in Montreal too but when CAlvillo started to connect with him, Terry started gaining good yards.

Hamilton will be back in about 3 games.

About Calvillo choking under pressure, he usually chokes not becasue of defense pressure but because of playoff pressure.

Play #1 - Cotton and Cheatwood make an AC sandwich.

If that doesn't knock him out of the game, he'll get the butterfingers he had when he played here.

one word answers this question:


Stick to the basics, proper blocking tackling and no penalties!

Offensive strategy: the offense must find more time for Maas to go deep. The running game needs to allow for a play-action game to develop. If the O-line is not providing that, Maas will have go on more designed rollouts to buy time. We need a deep threat to stretch the D and allow the running game with Ranek more space to operate. Flick, Ralph, Yeast and Quinnie should be bomb threats throughout the night. A few 2-and-outs* are fine if the net effect is to get the DBs of Montreal on their heels all night.

Defensive strategy: blitzing must be more varied -- less of a "we're sending the house" 7-9 on the line of scrimmage approach. Zone blitzes, delayed DB and safety blitzing, and more STUNTING along the d-line has to part of the mix. No 9-back vanilla zones please, or AC will burn us again...we need combination zones with some consistent complexity that forces AC to change what he does best.

Special teams: Yeast or whoever is returning must be decisive in getting the ball secured and running downfield. Boreham has to perform like a professional kicker...there is one in there if you rub him long enough, but we haven't got time any more to wait.

Some ideas...

*- Editor's note: I wrote 3-and-out earlier in error. My Madden Tiger-Cat team is a juggernaut, and sometimes I forget that the 2-and-out version I watch on TV is the real thing I can't block out of my mind... :slight_smile: joking...sometimes more than less LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

So, the way to beat Montreal is for the Cats to play NFL rules? 3 & outs? :stuck_out_tongue:

2 and outs* My bad. 3 and outs would be when we are down by 20 in the fourth quarter having to go for it on third down like a really bad re-run I keep having to watch. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

How about with all eight cylinders firing!

  1. Maas go long my boy!
  2. Hope that Kornegay doesn’t get burned to bad tonight!
    3.hope that Cotton and Cheatwood have a great night!
  3. Hope Boreham has found his groove!
  4. Penalties!
  5. Run Ranek Run!
  6. Receivers on the same page as Maas!
  7. No Special teams screwups!
:rockin: :thup:

Addressing the D is the biggest concern. We don't have to sack the QB but we do need that ball out when WE want it thrown. That means pressure. If we can make Calvillo throw our DB's won't be trying to cover for ever. One thing that seems to be forgotten is that a DB can't cover all day no matter who he is. I think our DB's need a game with constant pressure to really judge if they need a revamp.

I wouldn't worry about our d quite as much as our offense. This is the more pressing concern I think.

it'll be hard to go deep because montreals 7-8 men in the box blitzing tons.
you need a quick release (alas dmac) or maas needs to establish an early ground game for 2nd and shorts to be able to utilize play action.

ticats have no chance of beating the als, or anyother team for that matter. i predict als by 35

Stay in AC's face all night long, plain and simple, he still gets rattled sometimes! Cover the intermediate routes better than last game. Keep their "O" off the field as much as possible by time consuming drives by our offense.

Now i KNOW there is a crack epidemic in the Peg… but c’mon!!.. even YOU can’t beleive your words :lol:

…Nope 35 is a good estimate! :lol: Na I think its gonna be more like 15-20

put in eakin and pray

Get Pressure on Monteals QB…
No Mistakes…
Keep Pressure off our QB
Then Pound the Rock…
No Mistakes…
30 Must be On his game…

ummm...i'm going to go out on a limb and say the way we beat montreal is....

score more points than them.

i don't know, that doesn't sound like it would work, we're talking about the ticats here