How To Be A Hamilton Tiger-Cats Fan (from wikihow)

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How to Be a Hamilton Tiger Cats Fan

The CFL is a great game, and if you find yourself a Tiger-Cats fan, the past 5 years have been hard, with them only making the playoffs once in that stretch. The club has a great and enduring history, so it's only a matter of time before they start to shape up again.


If you ever want to watch the Tiger-Cats live, always go to Ivor Wynne stadium, their home field. The field will soon be demolished, so enjoy it while you can.
Always make excuses. Usually the excuses are good ones, like it is a rookie team, or the Quarter Back's arm is injured. Always make excuses though.
Remember to sneer at the Argos fans, give them heck just for fun, especially if you see a goofy one wearing all sorts of blue with a big A painted on their face- heckle them about the ETR (toll-highway) for bonus points
Always remember next season will be better, and always know you are part of a team with a winning tradition and the greatest fans in the CFL.


It's a really bad time to like the Ti-cats... Switch to hockey for a couple years (the Hamilton Bulldogs are amazing), and go see the Cats when they get some talent
If you are really a die hard fan, invite your friends, and explain to them why the Ti-Cats are still the best
Something about eating the other team?


Don't cry, enjoy paying too much for a rough game.. just think of it as time outdoors with friends and family..
Ignore the assinine comments from Toronto fans.. it's not their fault that they live there

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How about complaining to management about not getting free corn-on-the-cob?

That's a little odd, but if it works I suppose, why not.

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How about to be a Tiger-Cat fan, it's always helpful to bring fire extinguishers to games with fireworks displays.