How to be a Champion: Banks searching for first Grey Cup

Brandon Banks landed in Regina on Tuesday afternoon trying to figure out how to win a Grey Cup.

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Hey Banks, your nearly missed but successful ninja ankle-rebound catch was the most enjoyable catch of the 2022 season. Have a few like that in the Grey Cup and watch out. What a fun catch! :anchor: :ninja:


I wish Brandon Banks and my hometown Argos all the very best in this year's 109th Grey Cup. :exclamation: He has had a electrifying career with Cats (8 years), it would be a great way for him to walk off into the :orange_circle:

Note: Never judge a man by his size, Brandon Banks has the heart of a Lion :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :kissing_heart:
Brandon Banks

Is the 3rd time a charm for Speedy B, or will he strike out?

This is not baseball number one. :exclamation: Football is the ultimate team game, therefore your comment is rude or insulting to Brandon's amazing CFL career, but than again your a Bomber fan :question:

How is this rude? A bit factually inaccurate as it is the 5th time the CFL team he has been on has made the Grey Cup(Hamilton in 2013,2014,2019,2021. Toronto this year). How is it rude stating that over the course of his HOF career he has yet to win a cup?


Speedy sure enjoyed the spotlight while in Hamilton. From the stands, he didnt look miserable. Always exciting. Looking fwd to his retirement in a Hamilton jersey.

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Oh this is not baseball we're talking about? LOL
If you find that comment rude, you need to chill out a bit.

Ment 3 times in a row vs WPG

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Although we are Ti-cat fans our heart is with Brandon we were fortunate to meet him at a pregame warmup out in BC in 2014 we are from Stoney Creek and flew out to catch that road game, Brandon noticed us at the goal line 1st row and ran over to spend some time with us and sign a jersey we had, he is an absolute gentleman and pro. He deserves a Grey Cup ring. Thinking of you Brandon all the best and thank-you for the memories. Bill & Lisa K. of Stoney Creek Ontario.


it was a loss to Calgary. Unnecessary mistake.

So I guess you won't mind me stating the entire Winnipeg Blue Bomber squad will "Strike Out" :joy: :sweat_smile: :rofl:against my hometown Argos for this Sunday's 109th Grey Cup. Careful with your choice of words Wise Guy. :exclamation:

I don't mind at all, but saying something like that makes you sound like a not so wise guy!