How to be a Canadian???????

Just re-read a portion of the very funny book by Will and Ian Ferguson titled ,'How to be a Canadian'

Their descriptions of people from each provinces could easily fit the bill describing people on this site who support their province's teams. For example they describe:

  1. Alberta, - Back Up, Nice and Slow, and No One Gets Hurt"
  • Provincial Motto: "We have oil. We have money. We have guns. Don't piss us off!" (sound like Eski-Moses or RedandWhite???)
  1. Ontario- "Gaze upon Our Humble Magnificence and Bow Down before Us!"
    -Formal Name: "the Centre of the Universe."
    -Provincial Motto: "Celebrating over 100 Years of Narcissistic Self-Absorbtion". (Sound like Saskargo???)

  2. Manitoba: "The Gateway to Saskatchewan"
    Provincial MOtto- "Not quite the West, but not really the East either!"
    (Sound like Kanga-Kucha??)

  3. Saskatchewan: "Not as Flat as You'd Think!"
    Original Name: Ksiskatchewanisipi
    Why did they change it? : Because they didn't want to have a name that was difficult to pronounce or spell!"
    (O.K.- I know, this logic sounds like Me-Turkeybend!!)

  4. British Columbia- "Recycled, Free-range, Hand-woven-and All organic!"
    (Rust is organic, right?)
    Main industries: Forestry, whaling, tourism.
    Main Hobbies: Anti-forestry, anti-whaling, and anti-tourism!"
    Provincial Flower: "Mildew!"
    (sound like any of the Lions fans???)

-Riders Rule
CFL is cool!
So are Canadians!!

All I Wanna know Turkey is what are you smoking.... and CAN I HAVE SOME?
You have a very active Imagination and are original. :mrgreen:

You keep aceing everyone Turk, I live in the rust zone, and my provincial flower is alive and well on my deck, and my anti hobbies keep growing. :roll:

There should be a Turkeybend in all Internet forums, for no one ever gets tired of originality and creativity.

.........if our happy forum is ever canvassed by the United Nations to send someone to represent us at some World Forum my vote is going to turk.......

cheers mates!!

CFL Rules!

Man, would we add much to a World Forum... I'd start threads about expansion of the world...

i suggest expanding to pluto. disney could be the new owners. or how bout this... we expand using a huge spaceship that could travel from planet to planet. we could call it the blue space noggin.

We could also expand to Uranus, and Preparation H could be the sponsor...

Anybody know what toilet paper and the Star Ship Enterprise have in common???????

They've both circled Uranus?? :?

They both fly around Uranus and wipe out klingons

No friggin’ way…Disney? They own ABC and ESPN and when I was in university I worked for ESPN…you know what ESPN stands for? Extremely Slow Paying Network…I still hate those bastards…

Nice analysis Gobbler, but you wanna know what a spoiled, oil worshipping, gun toting, Moses(a.k.a. Narcissus because he used to look at his reflection in the water on the edge of Lake Louise and think how beautiful he looked in his Eskie hat) does when he gets board of that life? He moves to Toronto to be with others equally as narcissistic…it’s a natural progression… :wink: And I love it here…surprised? :wink:

Nope, I am not surprised Eski-MOses!!

Very cheeky 1313. :lol:

Making him the butt of your jokes, supe? :slight_smile:

Well he will get his in the end!!!

1313, that's frickin' hilarious.

So hilarious that if we did blackdale's suggestion about the touring space ship that ro1313 would be the Rear Admiral?