How to "ask the ref" a question?


Just joined this forum today. I searched the archives, but I can't find an answer. How do I ask the ref a question for the "ask the ref" feature?


Being a rider fan that you are is the question going to be are you blind!

Ya I know shut my mouth!

I think thats an Esk's fan, that just happens to be from Saskatchewan...A rare species but it happens.

Wow a transplant that lost his green blood for gold and green. Must have been all that chicken dancing that swayed him.

I’m going to put my money on an Import…

Actually, not too hard to figure out. I started watching the CFL back when Edmonton was in their “dynasty” days of the late '70’s, early '80’s. Back when they couldn’t lose. They were the winning team back then, and they’re who I “imprinted” on. I’ve been a fan ever since.

If you want to ask a ref a question, you just simply log in to this sight and trash the ref in question, the characters on this sight will trounce on you, then ro1313 will post the correct answer, from ask the ref on the home I love this forum...

Go to the very bottom of the home page and click on “contact”
Then under department select “Ask the ref”

Good job ro...

You forgot to mention how quick they answered YOUR questions…Pretty fast if I remember correctly.

Less than an hour

Thanks! Just did it.

By the way, my question was regarding the format in use by Tri-Nations and the Super 7 rugby leagues (primarily NZ, Australia, and South Africa). Their format works really well. There’s a video ref who the on-field ref can call on at any time. The rulings are very fast. Personally, I like that format a lot. Has anyone else seen it?

Only losers complain about the ref’s

figuratively and literally


I can't agree with you more, red white2005..I'm one of the biggest supporter's of the ref's on this site...

The question is do people rehash your mistakes over the week online? Really it is over with why bother. I could of gone ballistic a few times to on bad calls but really what does that do for you. I am right the ref’s are wrong big deal. It is a tough job no doubt, there will be bad calls and there really is no solution to this problem. If anyone cares to remember last year when the Stamps won a game in the last play to have refree’s make a bad call to have them lose the game. Again big deal the Stamps lost even after the admission of

Again it is over with move on.

What the heck are you rambling about....I agree move on..

I agreed with you hanktheskank

Sorry, mis understood you...your one the good guy's, who respects the hard job the boy's in stripe shirt's have.