How things are

I hope we squeek into the playoffs but I find it unlikley because I think Edmonton will find a way to win one gamne
and though I think Sask will beat Toronto in SASk…i find it hard to inagin us beating Toronto by 9 in Toronto with their defence ,

I think it might come down to that game as we can beat WPG in Hamilton IN MY EYES …though their db’s are great and their running backl Simpson is likley the best in the game .

The positive theing is that I think we have fixed alot of our weknesses . i think our DB’s are looking alot better and our DLINE is also alot better against the run and pass now .


#99 Torrey Davis AND #98 T, Moore are two Defenve Tackles that bring size and intensity and more push that other DT’s we have had and they bring a bit of pass rush and excellent run defence .

#95 Peguesse is our first true Pass rusher and he is young . Peach and Boudreaux are also playing better likley due to the addition of these players and #92 J. Smith amd #97 also look like good pass rush ends .

Overall we are in much better shape at DLINE than we have been in a long time providing these guys all come back .

I think our Db’s have improved too :

  1. 23 Ricardo Colclough - HB looks like the real deal and had an awesomw game . He is strong , fast , and tackles well . he was draftet by the NFL in 2004 in the 2knd round 39th overall by the Steelers . That says alot .

2 32 Chris Rwabukamba CB is looking very good as a non -import DB ratio buster as he has good man on man skills and good speed and instincts and is getting better and better …add HINDs and Bucknor and we have a good non -import back position covered

  1. DEE WEBB #5

I think Dee has been our best db this year…he is smart , hits hard and covers well and knows the clf game …he can play halfback or saferty and is a keeper

  1. 6 Murillo – This guy has shown signs of brilliance in smarts and coverage and . He did get a few PI calls but Ilike this guy as one of the halfbacks

5 . Tisdale 31 - at corner – I think the jury s still out on this guy and we could bring another CFl corner here .

6 We still have BO Smith and Carlos Thomas who I think are decent DB’s

For next year :

We have Mallet and Terry Grant coming back at running back along with Chevon and Avon so we are looking good there .
Terry Grant couldbe used as a slotback and kick returner as well
On the Oline :

I hope we get
and Baillargeon, Pascal , Husband have had some good experience this year .

I hope we get our top prospect draft picks in camp next year fighting for jobs "

Carson Rockhill- CALGARY
Moe Petrus - Connecticut ( NFL TRYOUT )

At receiver : I think Giguere will improve and Charbonneau-Campeau, Simon will emerge , Aron Kelly still has a huge upside to team with C.williams , Fantuz, O. Jones and Bkari Grant .

at QB-- We have to bring in soem guys we think can replace Burris after next year …Quinton , Chester , LEFevouR and more

At linebacker :

Let’s hope we can find some good middle linebacker candidates to replace Williams …
Let’s also hope Plesius, Frédéric comes into camp as a good non import option who could turn into a SHEA EMERY type .

Sorry gerbear9 but I would keep Stala any day over either Bakari Grant or Giguere. But, as I have said before, it doesnt matter what either Stala AC do, Cortex is done with both of them.

Hi Wheezer ,

I love Stalla as well but he is getting older and slower and though we should keep him I don't think he is one to build around but rather mentor the younger guys ...

GOOD TEAMS FIND A WAY TO WIN. POOR TEAMS FIND A WAY TO LOSE. Here endeth the lesson. :frowning:

Pat Lynch (the old guy tired of losing but still a fan)