How they'll finish

I always like this topic from a Rider fan standpoint. We seem to start every season with so much optimism but it only takes one beating to bring us to a 'season write off'. Here's my bold predictions. I encourage you to share yours.

Hamilton - Kent Austin 'nuff said.
Montreal - assuming Doubles stays healthy.
Toronto - Trestman is back.
Ottawa - Grey Cup swoon.
Montreal - Doubles isn't healthy.

Calgary - lose the GC in OT? Something to prove.
BC - right up there with Calgary.
Winnipeg - better than the next two
Sask - heck, I'm a 'homer'. Win 7 games?? A stretch?
Edmonton - because last place always looks good on them.

I will agree with your Eastern picks but I have the Lions in first. Qb, running game and some good receivers they are going to rack up some serious points, defense is no slouch either. Stamps in second. Still a very good team I just feel BC is better. Toss up for third and no not us in that battle. Edmonton is not as strong of a team losing some key players but they are not as bad as some may think. If Reilly gets hurt I don't see that effecting them as it did a couple of years ago. Franklin looks like he can get the job done so no worries there. Winnipeg may be in the hunt for that 3rd spot depending if Nichols can take the next step to more then an average qb to a game changing starter. Defensively may be a bit suspect as they had an insane amount of picks which certainly gave them a big advantage I don't think they can match that again this year though and they did give up a lot of yards last year which if isn't better this season then they could be in tough. Still think they will be fighting for 3rd with Edmonton leaving us at the bottom of the West. Now I do think we are better than last year and possibly a cross over is not out of the question. 8 wins is the high side of my optimism 6 wins though is not out of the realm of realism though either. Glenn goes out early and I don't know if Bridge has enough to get them there though. I would love to be wrong but it isn't so much that we will not improve I think its more of a matter that the rest of the west will not fall back enough to get us in a west playoff.