How They'l Finish

Really? wth would they move him to ILB… I can remember him at OLB… why would they put a pass rusher at ILB? Ok I take it back thats on the Browns…

Jinred, I do agree...don't get me wrong, a DE should be able to play OLB in a 4-3...and honestly, to some degree a 3-4 (not as well, but passable in a pinch). Now, comparing to Cam Wake...well, I am by no means saying he is a Cam Wake...but then not many are in all fairness.

And yeah, I looked it up, and he was actually playing IMO his lack of success is mainly on the Browns. Horrid drafting.

Not many NFL players these days stack up with Cam Wake so its not fair to compare CFL players to him in the least lol. It may have been a bad analogy on my part but Cam Wake was the first guy who came to mind that plays both supremely well!

Since John Chick left I have been saying the Riders should change to a 3-4 defense and I will continue saying this. Really great DE’s are hard to come by where there are tons of undersized LBs with all the talent in the world who never make it to the NFL.

Play Brack and Kromah in the ILB position, Rotate Foley, Rey Williams and some other guys at the OLB position’s and play Shologan, Alford and Mick Williams up front!

Hilee Taylor played in a 3-4 at the OLB position in NC, Davis is a speed rusher and I think would look good coming from the OLB position. Shologan, Mick Williams, George and Veikune could play DE position while Alford and Zack Evans who are our big boys can play NT.

Lots of options with it. However this year the Riders seem to have some good players in place for the 4-3 scheme!

I’ve said the same thing several times…when the Riders DL was struggling, why not at least attempt the 3-4, because there were times they had almost too much talent at LB. A few years back Simpson and McCullough could have both been playing, then add in Freeman and Kornegay…that could have been amazing. Even last season, why did they never attempt moving Butler up in a 3-4 and Patrick back to Safety. You see a lot of Safeties play LB in a 3-4, and he would be an ideal candidate.

Personally I just don't favour a 3-4 defense over a 4-3. I'm not sure what it is exactly about the 3-4 I don't like but I definitely am against it. Probably something about sticking to what I know about and as I exclusively played in 4-3 and the Riders have almost always been in a 4-3, thats what I know. Might also have something to do with whenevr I use 3-4 in Madden i seem to get killed. :wink:

I prefer a 4-3 as well, but sometimes you need to adjust for the talent you have

I also prefer the 4-3 its just the Riders haven’t had good enough DE’s since Chick left to stay in it… I have to second what Depop said where sometimes you gotta tailor your scheme to the players you have!

I’m thinking 11-7 as well for the Riders; then again 12-6 along with Calgary sounds dandy too. Decent picking though.