How the Universe (season) unfolds.....

The whole QB situation and the advantangeous schedule for the 2019 season has been well documented in various articles and threads.

But what I find more interesting is how things have unfolded in the last two weeks.

We lost three games the whole season.
First loss to Montreal, who btw looked really good in the last game against us, while Vernon Adams was their QB.
Most people were expecting to see a cats play Als in the final; however Trevor Harris recovered in time to beat the Als so the cats didn’t have to play a better matched Als team; and we were allowed to continue our domination over the Esks. Thank you Trevor Harris.

Then we have the Calgary Stamps, who we also lost to, and there is somewhat a reluctance to face them at McMoham Stadium with BLM, because of a long losing streak.
But wouldn’t you know it, the Bombers (a team we had crushed, in the regular season) all of a sudden has a saviour, Zach. Who nicely disposes of the Stamps.

Our other loss was to the Riders, who IMHO was the one team that could compete with us; Cody Fijardo is for real; However Zach and the BB disposes of them as well.

So all of our nemesis have been taken care of by teams we have dominated in the regular season.

We deserve this, cause, just for one season in a long time Murphy’ law did not apply to this season.

There were two 15 win West teams that travelled to the east in 2016 & 2017 to lose.
Lets hope the 15 win team in 2019 that travels from East to West continues its dominance over the Western team.

Oskee wee wee!!!

I was thinking something similar. We couldn’t have scripted the playoffs better.

(Playing OTT in the Grey Cup might be preferable, but that was not a possibility.)

We also emerged from our game healthy.

Right. Had to play 3 consecutive west road games at one point.

The bye weeks were laid out beautifully.

Starting QBs from two of the teams were injured and the third BLM was not up to form, coming back from an injury.

And we played with our backup QB.

During that stretch, he proved he ain’t no back up. He da starter.
(Unlike Streveller & Kilgore)