How the NFL draft has a big impact on what CFL teams do

With the NFL draft happening tonight - this is a fascinating radio interview with Ti-Cats GM Eric Tillman where he talks about just how much what happens in the late rounds of the NFL draft impacts what a CFL team does with it's Negotiation List and other players they are watching or targeting etc.

Really interesting stuff. (Credit to Grover who originally posted this in the Ti-Cats thread).

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Which one of the 2 QB;s that went 1st will be in the CFL?

Neither. Successful or not, they will both have made too much money if the time ever comes that they are deemed not good enough. Vince Young should have come to the CFL.

Most of the top twenty are at least getting a minicomputer invite. Should make for an interesting draft.

Of the Top 20 CFL Rated Prospects 11 are now going to try the NFL
The top Prospect was drafted and 10 have Tryouts or have signed FA Deals.

More and more will go south as coaching in canada has got Better
so players are more NFL Ready .

[b]The CFL has two path it can take
it's time for them to pick one .

(1) Pay a player's a minimum sum of no less than $6,000 Per Week US.
Regardless of Status or Pos.[/b]
That means whether you're starting or on Practice Roster or some where in Between
This matches the NFL Practice roster Pay .


(2) Do away with Canadian Content Rules when Comes to players

That means have Draft will anyone can be Drafted
No more neg lists. FA can sign to Highest bidder .
There no more guaranteed jobs for People with a Canadian Birth Certificate

CFL has to pick one as more and more Canadian will go south for the money .

It is not the PR say cheque that players go south for, it is the dream of making a NFL roster and earning minimum salary or more if you make it big.

So if the best players are now better because of improvements in the Canadian college system to the point that they are now "NFL ready", couldn't it also be said that the players just below that are "nearly NFL ready"? And therefore nearly CFL ready as well? As in, they're as good as or better than the top Canadian rookies from a few years ago?

Oh dear..... logic is raising its ugly head. What next? Don't you know that this is an internet forum? :smiley:

Just getting tired of the whole "There aren't enough good Canadians because the NFL is taking them all" argument.

That said, NFL interest in Canadian players does make the GMs' jobs much more difficult. Which is why I have suggested a separate on or two round draft of NFL-bound players so GMs can focus in the regular draft on players more likely to be available right away.

The little known fact or one that is rarely discussed is that when it comes to Practice Rosters in the NFL is that there are often twice as many guys that rotate on and off the 10 man squad/list/roster. So take the $6,600 per week and cut it in half or even more. Rarely does a player sit on a NFL PR for the entire duration of the season.

Via the NFL site, here's an interesting stat was explained for which the converse does have implications for the CFL.

In the last 10 NFL drafts prior to the 2016 NFL draft, 61 quarterbacks were taken in rounds 4 through 7.
Only 17 of these QBs (27%) have thrown at least 50 passes in regular season play in their entire NFL careers. Of those 17, only two have become starters: Tyrod Taylor of Buffalo and Kirk Cousins of Washington. Another two, Bruce Gradkowski and Matt Flynn, have been steady as backups over the years.

And so 4 out of 61 QBs (6.5%) drafted in the lower rounds in the prior 10 drafts are even steady NFL players!

Note as I have stated and cited previously in a separate thread, by no means are even half of the current NFL starters and overwhelmingly most backups fine CFL potential in my opinion.

Even so such recent experience in the NFL draft means that CFL should continue to have a vast pool (perhaps over 90% of them), via also these drafted QBs in the lower rounds, from which to pull its prospects.

No doubt many such QBs will do their year or two of well-paid practice, training and clipboard duty and the like in the NFL, but remember there is always a new draft class of QBs drafted in lower rounds and various free agents who can do that as well and often for even less money.

This is a highly overlooked and fine point! And so many will hear that per week figure, which is great money for overwhelmingly most of us here, and see vast riches. Oh sure, most of us would sign up for that if we could in a heartbeat, but our motivation would be entirely different!

In reality said players have a challenging enough time keeping a budget even with that money given that such a paycheque can be taken away any given week.

Also there is a limit on how many weeks a player can bounce around various practice rosters.

No doubt being on an NFL practice roster it is a great, subsidized opportunity to pursue one's dream, but it's not a ticket to riches.

One Canadian drafted and others given a cup of coffee at a mini camp should not make much of a difference on who to draft . It doesn't appear to be a huge problem for the CFL . Lots of Canadian's available it's still a small league with few positions available for Canadian's . Some of them on the top 9 draft list are over rated especially Canadian NCAA players next to others in the CIS . No need to panic or change the rules .

I find it funny that the only one drafted is from the CIS yet we drool over guys who play sparingly on a NCAA roster .

That's an accurate and fine take no doubt Hank.

I'm bumping this thread with the above quote from two years ago citing some stats on the QB position out of the NFL draft.

And so by extension, here's the current crop for perhaps a CFL future, though also a long shot, at pick 160 or lower in the upcoming NFL draft:

There's part of the shopping list for future CFL talent, for, as noted, statistically these guys don't make it in the NFL very long if at all. Oh sure some of these guys will go through the NFL run-around and hold clipboards and get some valuable experience, but consider the high odds against any of them ever throwing at least 50 passes in their respective NFL careers.

Since my post in May 2016, Tyrod Taylor's stock is down and Kirk Cousin's stock is up with the other two are non-factors in the current NFL. And so we perhaps have not even a handful of QBs drafted in rounds 4 to 7 who are steady in the NFL assuming they are even still on rosters.

Tony Romo was the last undrafted free agent QB, but he's now retired and an announcer on CBS with Jim Nantz.

I'' Take $6000 per week Small but I''l take it

This is an old thread about QB prospects here and given the high number of starters and backups out this season, well as teams trot out various new names from depth I figured it would be timely to bump the thread.

But for merely a few names, it looks to me like we are in store for quite the changing of the guard and opportunity for new guys for next season.

And there are many from which to choose though almost all NFL backups and some starters would have no business in the CFL.

It's telling we have seen even a few starters in the NFL this season from depth who are out of work already or likely will be as losses and poor play mount.

RE no. 2: The CFL would fold if you had no Canadians or few in the league. May as well watch XFL. Its called Canadian Football for a reason. Only reason Americans come up here is the hope to catch on in the NFL. Imagine the CFL with no Canadians in it. Not that it would happen. Yeah I am sure people in Canada would watch it. NOT.