How the Mighty have fallen

This organization from the top down to the equipment manager needs to be overhauled. If Popp was working in the private sector he would have been fired or demoted by now. Higgins is a good man who really can no longer coach, its that simple. His decision making is off balance, there is absolutely no direction or plan to get this team back on track. I have it from a reliable source as I know many of the players personally that Thorpe is despised by most of the defensive players. There has been no improvement in all 3 facets of the game since the beginning of the season, need I say more.

Interesting quote from John Bowman in Herb's Gazette piece today:

“Teams had a year to figure us out,? rush-end John Bowman said. “We have to get back in the lab, redo the chemicals and come out with something good. Lots of teams are playing us differently. We’re seeing a lot more loaded protections, quick passes and stuff like that.?

Confirms what I've been seeing on the field. Thorpe hasn't evolved the D at all. As a result, teams have figured us out. We're bringing the same pressure packages we were last year but opposing teams are using the quick pass and screen game while attacking the middle to beat us.

Edit: I agree with you about Higgins but Popp didn't hire him! The owners waited until February to hire a dinosaur long past his coaching prime.

That’s the reason I didn’t and don’t like the idea of Thorpe as a HC. As a coordinator he setup something simple that allows the players to make plays but it never evolved from that. Also his ability to adjust is poor, you just have to look at the Ticats last season using the same plays game after game against us to the point that in the eastern final Austin didn’t even think it would work again ! But it did. Where it is particularly bad is on second and long teams know exactly what we are going to do and are just cutting us up.

Agreed 100%. Thorpe did well installing the base package last year, but any system has to evolve in order to remain effective. If not, the other team eventually figures out what you’re doing. It’s weird because he’s a Matthews disciple but Don was never a static coach. He was always scheming new ways to confuse and attack enemy offences…

No Higgins isn't popps hiring. And Higgins hasn't been helped by popps recruiting.
But let us not forget Hawkins, Berry and Miller certainly were popps hiring.

I remember the quote from a CFL source during the CBA that said "there are real problems in Montreal"

Anyway lets hope they get back to some normal.

popp is gm unfortunately. Hire his head coach. The Head coach hires his assistants.

W eats more dead payroll.

clean house of old Als who refuse change.

quit making promises you can't or shouldn't keep. The idea of associate HC for Thorpe was ridiculous. The promise of a coaching job for AC after he travels is ridiculous too. There is far too much cronyism here.

Many players on the ALs have this ludicrous sense of entitlement.

Hawkins was a bad hire. Berry actually helped to salvage last season and stopped it from being a total disaster. He wasn't great but he sure was better than what we're seeing now. Miller seems to have been effective as a QB coach but not as an OC.

Anyway lets hope they get back to some normal.

popp is gm unfortunately. Hire his head coach. The Head coach hires his assistants.

W eats more dead payroll.

clean house of old Als who refuse change.

Agreed on all counts. Sort out the chain of command and go from there.
quit making promises you can't or shouldn't keep. The idea of associate HC for Thorpe was ridiculous. The promise of a coaching job for AC after he travels is ridiculous too. There is far too much cronyism here.
I don't like the cronyism either. Let's conduct fair, diligent searches for coaching staff. I don't want jobs being given to the GM or owner's buddies without due diligence.
Many players on the ALs have this ridiculous sense of entitlement.
Agreed there too. The culture has become toxic. Self-entitlement, pouting, no effort, and finger-pointing.

popp hired Miller as OC. Everybody was up in arms. AC pouting. popp demoted him to QB coach. Miller left at seasons end....popp reported Miller forgave the last years of his contract in order to be released. I presume this meant he couldn't wait to get out.

Berry became OC after Miller demotion. popp, at seasons end told Berry that the offense was not up to snuff according to Berry. Contract not renewed. Media reported he was fired. Berry said he didn't know. popp was silent on it.

Anyway, my biggest worry, in fact my only worry in this fiasco is CFL related.

I do not see an American owner interested in losing millions every year for the next while which is what I see happening. Montreal, I do not think will support a non winning and dysfunctional football team. When the crowds dwindle to 12-15,000 I worry about the survivability of the franchise.

What could make a Montreal fan support a team that has NO local presence in ownership or management and is in chaos?

This may be the case if this was allowed to fester for two or three more seasons but in the CFL things can change from one year to the next as seen over and over again. Right now the Als have 17 000 season ticket holders who are real hardcore fans. This idea that attendance will melt in unfounded at this time.

They need a solid HC who wants to be part of the community. Higgins is not it. Amazingly the owner once again allowed a HC to be hired who wants to reside elsewhere. Higgins and Hawkins are very similar hires in many ways but one.

As for Jim Popp. Its not so much that they wanted to give him the new contract but they had no choice. Popp leaving would have caused exactly the scenario you fear.

I suspect during the next off season Popp will find the right HC for this team, the other part of the puzzle (The QB1) well that is another story.

We'll see I guess.

Re: residency. How can you ask/demand a HC ,who is only hired to be fired, live in Montreal when your full time GM lives in US and works remotely? Or remotely works?

Well working for the club for 17 years has its privileges. Not that I like it but it was Wetenhall who told Jim he should move his family to NC...

Remotely works ...Good one :lol:

I doubt very much W told popp he should move to the states.

Absolutely did. Popp was quoted on this multiple times. Happened during two contract negotiations back.

so you are saying it was W decision to have popp work remotely?

Should is far different than could.

You think? If your boss says "go ahead, you can, up to you..." your approving by abdication.

I think this relationship has gone from family to tolerant, to adversarial and now business like. Popp signed because this was his best situation right now and Wetenhall signed to minimize risk.

Approving is way different than directing.
You implied that W said he should move.

popp wanted to move and work remotely. You agree?

I agree. Wetenhall told Popp that he had no issue with him relocating back to the US and to do what he felt was best for his family. All Wetenhall had to do was tell Jim that the GM position required him to reside in the community that employs him that would have been clear. Now all teams are dealing with these ridiculous requests... guys are so right about residency...How do you convince a fan base, that you are interested in the city you are coaching or are gm for, and care about the community and it's team, if you can't live there...I hated the fact that Joe Mack preferred to general manage from afar...If a coach or gm can't at least commit to being in the city where he earns his bread and butter, then cut him loose....I have a picture in my mind of Popp selling the Wetenhalls a 'bill of goods' and leading them around by the nose and now things seem to have hit a brick wall...Deep troubles abound in Mont. and it's a damned shame...Things should've/could've been a smoother transition but certain egos have definitely got in the way...It'll take time to straighten things out...I just hope the fan base can sift through the upheaval and hang tough... :roll:

This team started behind the 8-ball after the stupid self-induced GM-excluded coach search, followed by firing of new OC before season even began.

The new coaching structure, including the great move of bringing Garcia as QB coach.. is a big step in the right direction, not to mention the setting aside of Smith.
All it will take now is finding the right QB, Crompton, Marsh, or someone not here yet.. easier said than done for Popp, but on the other hand the second we find that guy, this thing will turn around on a dime.

While we figure out who the right QB is.. the defense needs to join the party.

Looking forward to the game, with the new structure (and hopefully attitude), Smith out, and key injured returning.. I'm predicting a surprisingly positive performance this weekend. Hope I'm right.

I don't think that QB is on the roster right now.