How the mighty have fallen...

The Steelers are toast! I can't believe it. How do you lose to the Browns??? :o

The best the Steelers can finish now is 9-7, and that won't get you a Wild Card spot in the AFC. They've no hope of winning the division. The Bengals can clinch the division this weekend with a win, or with a Baltimore loss.

This is the second time this has happened. The Steelers won the Super Bowl in 2005, and then the following season they finished 8-8, and out of the playoffs. Then they won the Super Bowl again last year, and now they're sitting at 6-7. Absolutely brutel. :lol:

sounds good to me i hate the steelers :smiley: go colts go. im already predicting history will be made when undefeated colts face undefeated saints for the lombardi for the first time ever (just so its more clear, im stating the fact that a season has never had two undefeated teams play each other for the super bowl)

I'm torn on the Steelers. I love their defence, but I hate their offence. I think Big Ben is one of the most overrated quarterbacks to play the game. He gets too much credit for games the defence wins.

Regarding the Colts, I seriously doubt they'll go undefeated. They'll more than likely beat Denver this weekend to lock up the AFC, and then after that they'll hit cruise control. They'll have nothing left to play for, so no sense risking injuries. one of the worst, if not THE worst, ref call ever....even big ben admitted on Letterman afterwards he did not cross the goal line...

That's funny. A buddy of mine still complains about that call. :lol: We watched the Super Bowl together that year, and he was going for the underdog Seahawks. lol

It was pretty bad. ... but I was going for the Steelers, so I didn't mind! :twisted: