How the Day went at MOSAIC stadium

Most I can't release due to my committment with many league officials.

But a few things I can tell you is that the board met for about 2 weeks(the rest you should know but I won't release it, I will let others do it) today they made the annoucement which was delayed(long story)

Jim Hopson released a statement, then talked to the team, and had a brief presser.

Roy Shivers told the team he is fine, and will be around the CFL someday(he wants the job in ottawa)

He then walked to his car to find that his car battery died, and couldn't start his car. He then hopped into Danns jeep, and they drove away.

Danny had a BBQ for some of the team staff that apparently felt upset of the firing, and had a short day.

The players were upset, and some felt he was treated unfairly by the media, and met a lot to the entire team.


that's crazy talk... Danny Barrett doesn't drive a jeep!! lol :lol:

oh come on man, yes he is frigen annoying but come on he's probally a loser who lives in he's parents basement and making up crazy rumors makes him happy, whatever makes you happy, if you wanna make up rumors I wanna too so I just got off the phone with my source from ummmm Iraq & he told me that Muhammad Jada is intrested in signing with Hamilton to play Linebacker, but they think he's gonna have trouble flying because he cant get a straight flight from Iraq to Canada he has to stop through the United States and they want Oil & Jada has told me that he's not prepaired to give that up so its looking unlikly for him to come over. We all have to grow up sometime.

What McMahon forgot to tell you, is that later on that evening, Shivers had a popsicle. Then, he turned on the TV, but couldn't find anything interesting, as it was just a summer Monday night. He thought about having a bath, but settled for a shower, because it's faster. Then looked out the window and saw a white cat on the sidewalk. And now, he wants to have a cat in his future Ottawa appartment.

There. Now you have the whole story.

He couldn't tell you that third because of his committments to league officials.

What I want to know is what kind of reporter doesn't divulge any information?

Who cares about a BBQ and who cares about how Roy left the field, what fans want to know (a CFL reporters target audience) is what happened and what were the exact reactions. This means quotes from sources and an in depth look into the situation. Not some paragraph about how important a poster feels he is.