How the Cats stack up

It’s been a long, long time since I posted on this forum, and it appears that my old username and login don’t work any more. I used to be Ghost Tiger, for anyone who remembers that far back.

Anyway, it has been a boring evening, and I’ve been stuck inside. To kill some time, I ended up playing with some CFL numbers. I wanted to see how the Cats actually stacked up against the other teams once games played (GP) was figured in. You can think of it as a mathematical power ranking over the season to date.

The chart below is based on aggregate points scored for and against, so it takes into account specials as well as offence and defence. Over all phases, Hamilton is outscoring its opposition by 11.67 points per game. Hamilton and Winnipeg are way ahead of everyone else. And the Argos are so far under water, they can be objectively described as … (I’ll resist the urge to say it 8)).

Hamilton is also the highest scoring team, but Edmonton and Winnipeg both give up less points per game.

Anyway, here it is for your enjoyment (or whatever)! It is entertaining to compare it to the power rankings put out by the CFL, TSN, and 3DN.




How did you get this table to print out? I used Excel and it was good in the preview but lousy when posted.
Did you use word?


Now let’s remove the 2 blowout victories against Argos and Als which totaled 105 points scored.

That means for the remaining 7 games we only scored 180 in total which equals only 25.7 points per game.

An average of 25.7 ppg actually drops us to 5th on the chart for offence and only slightly ahead of Montreal.

The blowout victories were anomolies that inflated our true offensive potential.

You could also say that our 2 lowest-scoring games were anomalies too, therefore raising our ppg…

Our 2 lowest were 19 and 21. Which falls right in line with 2 other games where we only had 23 points.

Could also just count the games with Evans, including the game he came in relief we have 103 points in 4 games.

Just over 25 again.

Or we could just go with the actual numbers because they did score the points instead of looking for reasons to disregard their success. ::slight_smile:

What matters is 7-2 and first in the east.

wait, we don’t count games we win by blow outs?

interesting fan base we seem to have.


The chart makes perfect sense.
I look at Calgary and Montreal, both around .500 and their differential is close to even.

For the cats, a lot of the fan base’s concern is, we need to score more on offence; as you can not count on points from the D and ST every game.

Remove the Masoli games and the 2 highs and lows for Evans and we have a working sample of 0-0

Perfect because nobody is uite sure where this teams offence will be by seasons end.

the biggest negative I see on offence is our man Speedy doesn’t seem to be on the same page as Evans yet. Not as dangerous as he was under Masoli. Once they are the offence will be solid again.

150: Calgary and Montreal are close to even in stats this season. Who would have predicted that back in June!

Can’t figure Calgary out. They have a great D, their QB is doing a pretty good job but things are not working right. (which is OK with me) Then last weekend’s win by Montreal in OT was a shocker. It looked to me like Calgary is overconfident. Maybe when Mitchell returns we will see if he is the difference.
Regardless Montreal will be our main competition in the East for the rest of the season.

You should remove other teams two highest point spread games to make this comparison fair.

I don’t know about the not being on the same page theory . Looking at the 3 games started so far by Evans and keeping in mind that Banks wasn’t in the lineup for the first one in Saskatchewan and you will see that they were definitely on the same page with the next game versus BC . The Ottawa game though ? not so much . So let’s compare the two .

In that BC game Evans connected with Speedy on 9 of 11 targets for 137 yds and 2 tds with a long of 32 yds . Speedy finished the night with an avg 15.2 yds per catch which is just a little over his season avg of 13.5 per catch . It was Speedy’s 2nd best game of the season stats wise only surpassed by the game 3 blowout of Montreal .

The game in Ottawa saw Banks targeted 6 times with only 2 catches for 25 yds a 12.5 avg and no tds. It was by far his worst game of the season on the stats page .

So I’m thinking that perhaps the last game was one of those rare occasions that sometimes happen to the best of them in any sport and that Banks just had an off night . I mean even Gretzky had a rare off night at times in his storied NHL career , it happens from time to time .

If I had too take the stats from either the BC or Ottawa game as the normal output from Banks on a regular basis I would take the BC stats all day long .

I need to see CAL have a bad season and fall off their perch. I just feel like their time should be up after so many years on top.

But I’d prefer it to happen with BLM at the helm. So there are no excuses.

Hopefully he is back for the playoffs and loses badly.

Hi Kfan,

I used Google Sheets. It is a lot less powerful than Excel, but I often use it for quick and dirty stuff like this. All I did was cut and pasted it. Not all the formtting transfered – I had Hamilton’s line in red originally. Interestingly, it looked a lot worse in the preview than it did in final post. In the preview the column widths were messed up.


No matter how crappy Montreal is and how good Calgary is over the last decade or so Montreal pulls the upset usually once a season (BLM or no BLM)
What made it sweet this time was it was in Calgary.

Lets hope, we can beat stamps in the next match, with BLM in the lineup: so we break 2 more of our losing streaks.

Not trying to disregard their success. Simply pointing out that in 7 of 9 games the offence was nowhere near as effective or potent as the scoring stat indicates. Compound that with the fact that our defence and ST have contributed to the scoring which further inflates the offence’s success. Not quite the well oiled machine as our record indicates. Sure we’ll all take the 7-2 but eventually our defense has a bad game and we can’t produce enough to win. Hopefully that won’t happen in the playoffs.

The d had a bad game against bc and we produced enough points to win