how the cats get their grove back..

sorry bad movie reference. but it can be accurate.

stats by the numbers (ripped from

5. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 367.8
6. Toronto Argonauts 346.4

2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 286.0
5. Toronto Argonauts 269.4

7. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 81.8
9. Toronto Argonauts 76.9

4. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 344.5
6. Toronto Argonauts 372.1

4. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 252.4
8. Toronto Argonauts 282.8

4. Toronto Argonauts 89.3
5. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 92.1

Just for giggles our offence with Mathews starting and finishing full game

353.75 per game (not including the game vs Edm where he only played half and vs the WHINY HO's )
Jeff's passing average for those 4 games 262.75

I hope Jeff can start. I think he'd smash the Arhols!!

When it comes down to comparing stats, it doesn't mean a thing in a one game playoff.
The Ticat "O" line has to play a lot better than they did against Ottawa. Masoli has to run the ball, he was getting success against Ottawa. The defense has to cover Owen and Gurley.

meh.. id be less confident if it was Harris throwing to them, Rays a sitting duck!

Lets make sure ol Ricky Ray gets a very special welcome back greeting

:rockin: :rockin:

On paper they both look pretty even. Masoli had great success running against Ottawa and should use his feet when he has the chance. Ray like to throw the deep ball, and both Gurley and Owens are deep targets, Hamilton had trouble covering some of Ottawa's longer routes, so keeping pressure on Ray is the big key. I wouldn't be surprised to see Harris in if the O-Line is having trouble protecting Ray, just to move the pocket outside. It should be a good game. Good luck.

I see Toronto using the quick hitters, 5-6 yards and then going for the YACs. Occasionally go deep, just to keep D off balance, and if successful, make the "explosive plays" that Austin and Condell like to use. Keeps the O line fresh and the QB upright. Same plan that Ottawa used, and it paid off. Took a half to get it in gear, but it certainly worked to a tee.

Our QB, whichever or whoever, IMO has to chew up some time to rest the D. A 4 or 5 minutes grind each quarter would help, an extra one per half would be a bonus. Even for field goals. I don't see us winning if Toronto dominates the time of possession, almost 2 to 1 like Ottawa did. The one and two minutes possessions only work if we score TDs each time. A tough bar to hit, even with TO's shaky DBs?

Toronto has some big receivers but they too are prone to the drops and fumbles. Owens in particular tends to put it on the ground yet look at the yards he racks up. Just don't fumble in your own end!

Doesn't matter who we start, it just matters where we finish. Harris or Masoli, all we can do is jeer them on.

I do like your stat posts prior to games.

That being said, it is pretty clear now that trying to reach any conclusions by reviewing stats from before Collaros was injured is a waste of time.

Quite simply, anything this team accomplished prior to Collaros being injured is irrelevant. This is a different team now.

Maybe only looking at the last 5-6 games instead? Not sure if you want to re-run the #'s.

Good post still though.

Harris or Masoli, all we can do is jeer them on.
Of course I mean "cheer". Stupid spell check should be " right word check."

yah yah ED I know I spelled groove wrong lol

thanks Brad, defence is accurate, offence drops to 337.33 per game since the loss of Zach

thanks , and thank you for not bumping that congrats thread :expressionless:

I suspect there will be a few more blitzes dialed up for this game, the d-line isn't getting the pressure it once was.

Austin coaches with more drive and passion than you see in a lot of coaches, he's got some shit up his sleeve that he's been holding on to.

Here's a fun fact for you guys, off topic, I shot the JOGO Kent Austin 1991 and 1992 CFL Cards. I did the pictures for most of the JOGO cards, 32 years.

Wow cool, I didn’t even know they had cfl cards. So I’m assuming you have the full sets than?

Their groove is called Zach, no Zach no groove. Sad but true

Ticats can have their groove back next July. I am here to tell you the Argos will lay such a beating on them this weekend. Ticat D will play well and hope to keep them in the game, but the Ticat offence will turn the ball over too many times.
Be nice in the stands... I'll be there wearing my Argo colours.

It just takes one game and in the CFL playoffs that's exactly what we have, we win and we move on, you lose you go home!

Masoli and Harris have both taken first team reps now for the past two weeks, their prep time is higher for each game and especially the Eastern Semi-Final coming up on Sunday at THF.

We were dealt a blow when we lost Zach but we pretty much lost many of our first team starters this year and found ways to win games and good teams will do that, they will rally around their team mates.

The game on Sunday will still come down to that sense of Urgency and who wants it more Hamilton or Toronto?

If a Hungry Cats Team shows up on Sunday, it will be feeding time at Tim Horton's!!!


After that trolling comment, I'd watch your back at THF, if I were you...

Seriously, go play on your own board, troll.

Let the lost soul stay, it's kinda cute. Just as long as it doesn't over stay its welcome like those other fans :wink:

When's the last time you put a beating on anyone?