how terrible is saskatchewan's starting QB?!?

HELLO all u CFL new to this forum. :oops:

Anyone else watchin montreal putting on a cliniq against nealone greene???

the 'green and white' are turning it over, seemingly, every drive.
makes me wonder if they are as good as i thought?...if winnipeg can beat calgary ( saturday nite ), we have an interesting 3-way race for third in the west!!!

anyone goin to the tiger-cats- renegades game saturday??? cheering for the 'GADES simply because the ti-cats have NO CHANCE of makin the playoffs, so i hope ottawa gets in, and no western team crosses-over....can only be good for the ottawa franchise's growth.

I only hope HALIFAX gets the 10th team soon!!!

Marcus Crandell will start next game, if he doesnt…Barrett should be fired

This is the same QB that all the Rider fans wanted over Burris at the start of the year right?

Depends on who you talk to. I was out of the loop and didn't even realise that Burris was looking at moving until after he was signed with Calgary. At that point, I wasn't sure. I wasn't satisfied with Burris continually making mistakes, but I wasn't sure that Greene had proved himself. I was willing to give Greene the benefit of the doubt, and I honestly thought he would do better. Not the case. The lack of passing attack really hurts. We'll see what happens next week.

look at saskatchewans wins...2 on hamilton and 1 on winnipeg....

looks to me the green and white are pretty crappy....

i think calgary will beat them out for 3rd playoff spot in the west.

toronto, montreal ,ottawa in east - and BC, edmonton ,calgary in west

who has the ball and where?


in the game? i lost feed on the game

you don't have a TV or radio uhfreak? Same thing for the WPG@TOR game.

game over....saskatchewan took a BEATING.....they are the phonies of the west

SASK............recievers dropped allot of balls , tonight.

Turn overs......... 7......ouch.

9 actually if you count turnovers on downs

If anyone wants a turning point in this game I say it was the fumble in Sask's first drive. That just set the tone and they never recovered.

sask. hasnt beaten anyone if u think about it....hamilton 2ice and winnipeg....

killed by montreal and calgary...lost to ottawa....

they padded thier record for those 3 wins....they will not get another win against anyone not called tiger-cats

I'm curious to see how Crandell would do if he starts the game rather than coming in down by a couple of touchdowns. Sask could still turn around and make this season look okay, but they've got a lot of work to do.

This is no better than any other start to the season. Their starting QB is looking better in the first games this year than our starting QB did last year for the first games

Listening to the after game show on the radio, the commentators felt pretty sure that Crandell would start next week. And who knows. If they win next week in Ottawa and then have a good break, who knows what the rest of the season will look like.

Kevin Glenn is better then either Greene or Crandell, thanks again.

Crandell looked amazing compared to Greene. At least Crandell throws down field. I was getting real tired of watching Greene constantly throwing the slant passes, and when Greene did go long he did it a la McManus. Constantly being picked off.

No wonder the Eskies dumped him back in the day.

ottawa will beat saskatchewan again.....sask. waont beat anyone other than hamilton, and possibly winnipeg. ( the only teams they've beaten )