How Sweet It Is!

Gotta love what we saw the Lions do at Empire Field today. This guy Davis is something else! and Harris is right up there with him.
Glad to see dumb penalties kept to a minimum. I'm still concerned about those Offensive linesmen. How many sacks did Toronto get? Seven? Way too many!

Loved the way Simon was being utilized. One more win next week and I think we can breathe a sigh of relief. The Kitty Cats are back! Montreal manhandled Hamilton today and last week the Lions stuck it to Montreal. I figure B.C. will beat Hamilton by 14+ like they did against Toronto today.

Except for the opening quarter, Toronto looked disorganized and overwhelmed and B.C.'s D should take full credit for keeping Lemon and company off their game.

Neither today's game or the game against Montreal last week were squeakers. The Lions took it to the opposition and dominated. They've really got to be feeling good about what all is happening of late.

The Lions have obviously made adjustments and it is translating into more protection for the QB and some great scoring. Let's hope the opposition doesn't adjust to the changes the Lions O has made. I'm happy for Printers and for the home town crowd that were at Empire Field to witness the Lions' first win at home. It was great to see Printers actually finish a game and finish it in style.

That was a nice change indeed! Quite the relief for fans and the Lions to get a win at home. Lets hope they can build on it and win again next week. Things are slowly getting better.

I’m more than happy that the Lions won at home, it’s been way too long. Like I’ve been telling the casual fans, us Lions fans, we’re not used to losing at home - before 2009 it wasn’t even a question. “Did the Lions win?” Yeah, obviously! Recently, we’ve been coming home with sour looks on our faces, so it’s nice to go home it good spirits. Let’s just hope that feeling continues with a few more home wins.

Well like I have said before, we have to win enough to make the playoffs and get red hot in the post season, but a win at home is long over due and a welcome site for the fans.

I only got the chance to attend the Aug 7 game against Calgary. First home game with rain, but at least it wasn't a blow out and was nice to finally check out the new stadium.

But this win is definitely sweet for the regulars. Congrats Leo's!

It was a nice WYNN indeed! (spelling to catch the eye of Beagle - or little Beaglette :slight_smile:
Great day all around - the game, the weather, even the half time show - the Beatles tribute band (they were awesome)!
Apart from the outrageous PNE Parking fees, it was great value for our buck.
I like the new backfeild combination; Davis & Mezzam compliment each other's styles well (fancy feet vs. a grinder).
Our D-Line really came through - as did TO's (too many sacks).
Hats off to Geroy - 133 yards today, now 5th all time CFL for yards received. HAPPY BIRTHDAY G-Man!
Yet, outstanding concerns: 1. Our continuous, ineffective zone-style pass-coverage. We desperately need a better Safety - Crawford looks lost out there; Phillips isn't far behind. I noticed TO avoided passing as much as possible in the areas of Marsh, LaRose, and Sanchez. They were awfully lucky to have TO's receiver drop 3 passes that were veery catchable.
2. Our O-Line: Seven TO sacks?? Unacceptable! I hope Newman's insertion - or SOMEBODY...will eventually help.
3. Printer's inconsistency. Some plays he looked brilliant; on others he looked bush league. One thing I've observed about Casey - this game and during the last home game against Calgary: When Casey has time to 'plant' (back foot), his passes are on-the-money; when he's off balance, they're most often underthrown or off.
4. I'm sorry, but I just have to say it again: Chapdelaine's lack of creativity. I may be wrong, but from what I could see, at least 3 well thrown and caught passes were a result of Casey innovating.
Having said that, I think they're moving in the right direction, but there are still improvements to be made.
Oh! One more thing: I really like a post-game comment (radio) re going after Foley. If they can cough up the money he wants, the import ratio would free up the Lions to go after a quality import safety - one of their weakest links.

Nice to see the Lions put together a game where all squads played above their abilities, and fed off each others hard work.
Aside from Chapdelaines poor game calling, can we do anything about Randolph?..will Newman replace him next game?, hell the orange pylons in the parking lot could have given Casey better protection. If you watch any of the game on tape, everytime Casey was hurried or dropped or hit after he threw, it came from Randolph blowing his blocking…the man has no place on a CFL field. And Sorenson looked confused the few reps he took at center.

Nice to see Geroy actually get thrown to, and where those dump passes to the backs?, my gawd Chapdelaine thought up a “new” play. or was it casey improvising?

Could be a new play or could be that Printers actually had time to throw. Simon has had a number of balls thrown his way the last few weeks, the problem is as always, he is in double coverage.

The Lions will be in Regina for the semi. Then it's down to who gets hot for 60 minutes. The way the Riders have been calling offensive plays, plus Geroys' dominance at Taylor field, B.C. at Calgary for the West final isn't out of the question.

has anyone ever seen anything that can come close to the fumble by Flemons for a bonafide SNAFU. was that awesome or what ! ! !

it happened in an NFL game too, by an Eagle's player. Not sure how long ago that was though.

That's one he'll not forget for a very long...........lonnnnnnng time! Tough break. I wonder what he was trying to do? Maybe he was trying to take the ball and hold it high above his head like so many players do as they're about to cross the goal line.

Gotta hand it to the Lions who were trying to run him down. They didn't give up chasing him and they were rewarded BIG time!

Glad you had a great day out at Empire Field Pastasteve. Looks like the weather could not have been better. Do you know what the Beatles tribute band was called by any chance?

Here's a little trivia for you. Apparently the last time the Lions played a Saturday afternoon game was at Empire Stadium on October 31, 1981. It was probably at that time because it was Halloween. The game was against Saskatchewan with B.C. winning 13-5. I heard that on the TV . What I'm not absolutely sure about is whether the commentator meant that was the last Saturday afternoon game for the Lions or the last afternoon game at Empire Stadium. Would be worthwhile researching.

I would have really been happy to have seen the game at Empire Field. Must have been awesome and deafening.

Beagle - The Beatles trubute band was called REVOLVER. They were introduced by Red Robinson as one of the best he's ever heard. They were not like RAIN or FAB 4; they don't attempt to look like the originals, but man, do they ever sound like them!

Red is better than you think. I'd give a long explaination but suffice to say, he's good.

Ricky Foley.... well it would be nice to have him back but I don't think he will be here due to the money situation, plus his agent says they are still looking to an NFL option. If he does come back to the CFL I think he will get picked up by someone else. I read in today's paper seeing as Geathers is out for the season they will look at Joe Henderson playing DE, which I think is great this guy is quick and full of energy so why not give him a shot (I have been watching him all season), maybe then we can save the money and not have to bring Foley back.