How stupid is Don Mathews

I just hate the way he coaches. Your blowing a team out and you keep your starters in. Ben Cahoon gets lit up crossing the field and gets hurt. Take your starters out you idiot. Cavillo is still in the game, it would be nice to get the backups some game experience in case the starters get hurt. I'am not second guessing this decision i'm first guessing.

Don this injury is on you, and if i was Cahoon i would punch you in the mouth.

Already going to miss Kwame Cavil.

The Als come back with a win so you look for another reason to lay some flack on the Don.

A started on any pro team does not want to come out of the game regardless of the score.

why would any player want to come out of a game?

Being a coach myself i have never had a player say he wanted out when we were winning. IT IS UP TO THE COACH HIMSELF TO TAKE A PLAYER OUT AND DON DIDN'T DO IT! I would bash any coach who does this. Ben Cahoon is a great player and you don't put the franchise on the line in a blowout period. Don you look dumb trying to run the score up, stop padding stats. This is coming from an Als fan.

nope, i disagree, gotta leave him in, it's his job, and if he lets himslef be taken out of the game, it means he doesnt want to play that much, the coach shoulf give him less reps, but if i was Cahoon, and Don told me to come out, i'd say No

Cahoon should have stayed in but Calvillo should most definitely been taken out. Any chance to give the back up QB reps can be invaluable since you are always one play from losing your most important player. This same coaching burned Montreal in the playoffs just recently too.

Boneheaded, stat-padding coaching by Matthews.

Who is the Als back up QB anyways? Don't hear from him much.

Ted White, he got some reps

Didn't see the game but don't forget the Als have been struggling a bit of late and Don Matthews probably wanted his team to start to play again like they should be. Maybe that influenced his decision.

i wouldnt give alot of credit to the Als, they played a good game, but not as good as the numbers may show..riders made them look good

Don't underrate the confidence and flow factors, either ... when you get the offence going, you want to keep that momentum going forward, for next week. I didn't see the end of the game - unfortunately all I saw were highlights - but the advantage of playing your starters late in a game that you're winning, ESPECIALLY after a major slump (2-game losing streak is a major slump in Montreal!), you want to instil confidence in your team, and try and get as close to a "well-oiled machine" as can be. Of course practice is good, but nothing compares to a game ... and if you get the first-string offence (for example) taking reps in a game, it's going to help a lot.

I do agree in taking out your starters to "save" them, but maybe if it's an easy game, against a weak team, and you've been on a roll for a couple of weeks. It's always gain vs loss - perhaps you save your starting QB, but perhaps your offence doesn't flow very well in the next game.

One last thing ... this is the CFL! Anything can happen in the last 5 minutes, even if a team is losing 32-9 :wink: I'd be nervous forcing my receivers to adjust to a new QB if there's not a huuuuuuuuuuuge lead, and with a questionable D (like Montreal's these days). Yeah, you could bring in your starter again, but then he's cold (better chance for injury) and the receivers have to adjust again ...

Just my 2 cents.

Well maybe if a team has a 23 point lead going into the 4th quarter, it could be concidered a victory and the team could take it's starters out. right Ottawa fans??

The game is never over and Ottawa did a fine job of showing that to the Als a few weeks ago.

The way the Als collapsed recently, no lead was comfortable enough to risk it. Not now. The Als needed a strong performance to regain their lost confidence. Calvillo needed to stay on the field.