How should you measure a QB's success??

Ricky Ray, 4 Grey Cups as a starter?

Damon Allen, the “Cal Ripken of the CFL” Great Stats

or aKevin Glenntype, never a Champ, but lots of wins,

Having this discussion regarding MBTover at Argofans also, just curious for a wider input

Everything. What good are wins if you can’t win the big one, what good is a Grey Cup or two over a long career if you can’t win in the regular season to get you to playoffs and what good are wins when it’s the D or ST that are scoring your points.

A great QB has stats, wins and rings.

I sure did enjoy the last 2 Argo Grey Cups on .500 teams that didnt win alot before or after.

Im sure the Redblacks in 2016 with a LOSING record enjoyed that Grey Cup too.

I voted for wins, but sure love a Grey Cup victory also

And who won those 2 Argo Grey Cups? And that Ottawa Grey Cup? 7 Grey Cups and 5 Grey Cup MOP awards between them as well as sufficient stats to place both in the top 10 all time for QBs and guarantee first ballot HOF induction for both.

OP asked how to measure QB success and his examples made it clear he was looking at a career not just a single season. Blows up your argument and it isn’t even a good attempt at trolling. Total fail.

of the 3 above, championships is the least.

Dan Marino was one of the best ever, no championship.

Then you got sucky Eli Manning who got 2 championships.

I would favor consistency of stats and wins over many seasons. That is where Damon Allen loses. His per season stats are not that good.

OK, who is , OP? and trolling? are you kidding? just because I dont conform, does not mean i donthave my OWN opinions.

Sticks and Stones will brake my bones, and names will never hurt me… hahahaha

I didn’t mean an equal portion of each. It’s the combination of the three and how they work together is not an exact science, mostly opinion.

I’ll take Allen and his 4 Grey Cups, 3 Grey Cup MOPs, 1 league MOP and his inconsistent 72k+ yards passing over Dan Marino and playoff choker Anthony Calvillo. But that’s just me.

yup :slight_smile:

Wins for sure


Are you aware that the guy you are accusing of trolling IS the OP?

Your comments sound like you think they are two different people.

And people wonder why this site is losing posters.

OP is Andy Taylor’s son

He created a post for discussion then posts a sarcastic response to a post. Yeah I call that trolling especially from the OP


I think another is Rally. A great QB has players responding to him. When he gets fired up…they do to. Some QBs just seem to have that while some really good ones don’t. We’ve all seen teams that just all around seem to be playing at a different level when a certain qb steps on the field

Great examples.

I’ve always rather disliked Eli as a QB and viewed him as the most overrated QB in football. NFL players voted him the second most overrated…behind Cousins. I’d argue many have seen the light on Cousins

I’d say Matt Ryan is perhaps the most underrated, or right up there. Probably a good example of if he wins a championship is a sure thing for hof…probably wont get there without it though

Always difficult to rate a QB unless you see them on different teams then you see who can play and who was game managing a terrific offensive scheme .

Some like Marino never got the chance to see what he could do with lets say the Bears defence of 1985 backing him up .

Right now you see Vernon Adams who is showing a bright light that he is producing at a high level under a difficult situation .

I rate Vernon high right now for his composure .

I rate Ricky Ray high as he executed very well under different coaches .

This is where you see Matt Dunigan , Damon Allen and Henry Burris who excelled under different situations when it counted .

I would add Dieter Brock as someone like Marino never won the big one yet actually performed well on two different teams and actually faced that historic Bears defence in 1985 conference finals .

I won’t answer the poll because I don’t agree any one of those is the determinant of measurement as opposed to together with other factors.

Wins seem to be the tiebreaker and usually I agree.

Anyway, I like to start from the stats and go from there.

Each week I like to pick my Top 7 QBs season to date in the NFL. But for the top one or two, the rest are seldom the ones hyped most by the media machine including those blowhards at ESPN.

And given the shortage even worse now in the CFL, which new names will emerge from 3rd string at the start of the season or new to the league?

And they sure won’t be all those guys from college ball in the US or the NFL with low passing accuracy, elongated releases (i.e. a CFL solid pass rush is just as vicious like the sacks), or wobbles. Those guys would have issues especially on the wide side in the CFL.