How should we lose at BC Place this year?

OK, guys, time for a bit of fun.

We know BC Place has been a vortex of suck for our Als for the past decade or so. So my question is:

How will we lose this week's game?

But, do you know whats different? Its a rare 1:00pm afternoon game. Montreal's body clock will be @ 4:00pm, not 11:00pm if it were a 7:00 game.

I just hope the second game is as good as the first!

I think the closest we came in recent years was that 'screwjob' in 2009 when the refs called back a TD we had scored because they hadn't started the clock. That loss pretty much convinced me that we have no hope at BC Place, ever. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fortunately we got them back in the re-match.

Great poll. A little levity before the inevitable. :thup:

While I'm not expecting a W either, I always hope for one as a fan. I don't think anyone on this forum expected a W last week, especially in the gutsy, classic way they did it.

One thing BC now knows about the Als - BC can be beat! Do they have what it takes to beat us? Yout bet! But then again, so do we. Didier is reporting that Jamel expects to play and there is also talk of Bekasiak being back...

The D played liked demons keeping Lulay on the run for most of the game, and that, I humbly submit, is the key to a victory.

So, I have contingency plans for Saturday - just in case! But a W is not out of the question and with a W, we will all likely be singing a different tune Saturday evening and beyond!

In many ways, this is the biggest game of the year so far for the Als.

Go Als go!

Jacques Chapdelaine's mysterious hand signals are finally revealed to be nothing but him swatting at imaginary flying fairy-people, or as he calls them, the 'Faerie Football Overlords.' Dorazio takes over playcalling and we're blown out.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh man, I always love watching Chapdelaine's hand signals, regardless what they mean. That sent me over the edge, haha.

I put down a B.C. win in the predictions, but of course, all Als fans deep down inside are hoping for an Als win. I'm not sure if I'll be happy or upset if the Als win; happy that they did something incredible like beating B.C. at home, or upset that I didn't pick them to win. :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed. I have that game in my iTunes library (along with a bunch from 2009 -- don't know why they stopped offering non-playoff games for sale in the iTunes store?) and watching Avon break that TD against JoJuan Armour was very satisfying.

Great poll. A little levity before the inevitable. :thup:
Yup, you gotta laugh at our B.C. Place futility. Weird how some teams have absolutely no success at certain locations. Cats don't win at Molson, we don't win at B.C. Place.

As Piggyman noted, I'm hoping in my heart of hearts to be wrong about this week's outcome, but I'm certainly not expecting a win.

I Did, I picked Montreal in Big Dave's pool! I picked both teams to split, now I just need BC to keep up their end of the Home & Home pick! :wink:

I'll just say we have a good shot at an upset. And that's exactly what it would be: an upset.

Trestman et al. will be at St-Denis theatre the next day at 5PM for that 'meeting' with season tix holders. If we win obviously we'll all be on a big high. Bischoff of course will not be attending said meeting and the subject of STs will certainly be on the agenda. :stuck_out_tongue:

Als fans~

At the risk of being crucified by my fellow Lions fans I am not at all confident about this Saturday's outcome. The Als had the Lions number last game in Montreal and they can have it again. Even if the LIons had squeaked out a win in the last set of downs last game I would still not be confident.

Calvillo is one of the smartest, if not the smartest QBs in the CFL and I love the guy's smarts and athleticism. Sure, the Lion blew out the Als 43-1 in B.C. Place the last time they met but every team has an off day. The Als were a much better team than in that particular game and even though they lose often when coming to B.C. Place that just may change this game. For me it is not how should the Als lose, it is, "Will they lose?" I'm predicting a close hard fought game. The Lions may win but it won't be by much and the Als just might pull it off.

As strong as the Lions are on D, they have holes in their offence. Our O line is suspect. Reid is playing with a broken foot and a couple of other players are not giving Lulay the pass protection he needs to set up. He is an excellent QB but he cannot keep running for his life without something giving way.

Our returns on kickoffs and punts are weak. Tim Brown, when he breaks one is awesome but he seldom gets free. The opposition is on him like a wet blanket on a fire because our down field blocking is terrible. I've watched these guys in practice and what happens in practice just doesn't translate onto the field during game time. Brown is our primary kick returner. He is small, powerful and very fast but the opposition has his number and are able to zero in on him like a volley of heat seeking missiles. I've seen Owens for Toronto and Taylor for Calgary run back returns and these guys are dangerous. Brown in my opinion is not. At least not so far.

Lulay is an excellent QB but at times seems to play nervous and does not see the entire field. Guys have been wide open with no one near them and yet he will throw into double coverage.

We have the best D in the CFL but that means nothing if our O has got issues. Several weeks ago the Lions held Toronto to only 9 points but only scored 18. In fact the game was 9 -11 for 3 quarters. The next game against Saskatchewan, the Lions didn't get on the board until a minute left in the half. The same thing happened against Winnipeg a week later. When it takes a team almost half a game to score some points, when a team can be held to only 11 points for three-quarters of a game by an opposition with not nearly the same talent I am concerned.

Based on the Lions incredible turn around last year, its 43-1 victory over Montreal [which was one of the best teams last year] the win in the Final against Edmonton and the Grey Cup championship I thought it was going to be a cake walk for the Lions this year. I was wrong.

I would not write off an Als victory. I'm hoping of course for a blow-out by the Lions but I may have to wait until my next birthday until anything is blown out which is almost a year away.

music to my ears. :slight_smile:

Beaglehound, great post, and I agree that things are not certain by any means. This thread is just a bit of fun for us Als fans, who have not had a single thing to cheer about at BC Place in over a decade.

As for your special teams woes, don't worry. You are facing HANDS-DOWN the worst special teams unit in the league. We can't cover, can't block, can't punt, can't stop big plays, can't avoid penalties. There is no mistake we don't make on a regular basis. I fully expect Brown to torch us again this week.

with 2 days to go you should try a 'how can the als possibly win'?' poll. :stuck_out_tongue:

My vote would go to : Trestman makes a detour at Hogwarts and follows a crash course in Wizarding. On punt returns, with his wand he turns Sean Whyte into a giant ogre that pulverizes punt returners and on our punt returns he has defenders just freeze on site allowing for STs to score all the points in this game and give Bischoff the game ball. :lol:

:lol: :lol:

But no matter how hard Wizard Trestman tries, he can't change Bischoff's clothing. The track suit resists all magic. :wink:

So far, Benevides's game-deciding man-bewbs are tied with OTHER in the poll. There's still time to vote -- cast your ballots! :smiley:

I’ve done some publicity on other sites.

I’m amazed the first scenario got no votes. Guess we’re tired of reality.

'All of the above' it is then. :frowning: