How should the team name be chosen?

Here's my idea:

4 different votes.

Vote 1: Which of these names would you prefer for the new CFL team?

a) Ottawa Renegades
b) Ottawa Rough Riders

Vote 2: Would you rather have the team given:

a) One of their previous names (Renegades or Rough Riders)
b) A brand new name.

Vote 3: Which of these brand new names do you like best for the new CFL team?

a) <option 1>
b) <option 2>

Vote 4: Which of these names would you prefer for the new Ottawa CFL team?

a) <Winner of Vote 3>
b) <Winner of Vote 1>

Sure, four votes is longer than one, but this sequence can achieve some important goals. Vote 1 will tell you exactly how serious the two-teams-one-name issue is among voters. Vote 2 is self explanatory. Vote 3 allows people to be creative with their ideas, generates interest, and some clear and popular alternatives. Finally, Vote 4 will decide if anyone was able to come up with a popular enough new name to warrant leaving behind the old ones.

Need my coffee first dmont before I can digest all this information.

They should have a local contest of names for the team!! because roughriders is stupid cuz sask has that name already ....and renegades is old news ...they should start fresh!!!

I've got one

Ottawa Silver Sevens

Why that name?


The Ottawa Senators (officially the Ottawa Hockey Club) were an amateur, later professional, senior men's ice hockey team based in Ottawa from 1883[3] to 1954 and a member of the National Hockey League from 1917 to 1934. The Club had several nicknames such as the Generals in the 1890s, Silver Seven from 1903–1907 and the Senators dating from 1901.

Is this what you're referring to?

Seems to me that you should have vote 2 first.
If "A new name" wins then you dont have to have Number 1 or Number 4

It's more just in case, after all the suggestions come forward the best choice for the new nickname is STILL a piece of crap and people would rather go back to RR or Renegades.

As fine an idea as any. Now consider that 'Rough Riders' is going to cost the club to acquire from Horn Chen who owns the name and likeness. I think he retained it for a little over 10k waaaay back then. Hmmmmm would it worth it when you already have the momentum of the 'Gades'? You can still have the big R on the helmut and the old uniforms, after all, its those red and gold design schemes he owns.


One article recently stated that the league had reaquired the Rough Riders name.

What momentum from Renegades? Unless circling the toilet drain is considered "momentum".

How about the 1000's of 'Gades jerseys sold for momentum hmmmm? See this is exactly why you will fail to succeed for an unprecedented third time in the nations capital. You guys are too busy bickering over the name and your first training camp is a year and two months away! I'd get moving on that and on the building and STFU and draw straws.


i vote for a non s ending team, thats what the cfl lacks..maybe like the thunder or the pain haha

We're not busy bickering over the name. Most of the die-hards are pro Rough Riders as a name, where others seem largely indifferent. The only people bickering over it are non Ottawa fans.

And I'd love to see evidence of thousands of 'Gades jerseys sold there, Kel. Got any specific stats or did you just pull this out of your ass?

Regardless, any name would result in new merchandise anyway because I doubt there are many original Rough Riders jerseys still taking up space in closets.

Well, except for Renegades of course, since already thousands of people have those, apparently. :roll:

Go work on your little game petition there Kel, and when that amounts to anything, we'll come to you for advice.

Except maybe in regards to anything involving math; You might want to try to calculate how much time there is until 2010 training camp again, champ.

..........sorry, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit... man, you think your system can handle a revolting shock like that, but then it hits you...

The only thing worse than a non-plural noun like "Extreme" or "Attack" or "Explosion" is when they spell it wrong to add a little edge to it.

Introducing, the Ottawa X-Treeme!!!
Introducing, the Ottawa Attakk!!!
Introducing, the Ottawa X-Pleauzhunne!!!

Right. Didn't the XFL try some of that? If anyone has a concern about the league's image, let's not try to imitate the XFL too much.

I suppose anything we say about the 'Gades is hearsay since they failed horribly as an organization (like previous incarnations of what YOU call football teams) and most of the pieces fell in Sask. and brought us a Grey Cup. I guess I'll have to give your jealousy a pass here. But who's the man behind the BIG words? I love a fight.


No, what you love is the sound of your own voice.

I'm willing debate this stuff with guys like rpaege and sambo42, even when it gets aggressive, because I can at least respect that they have a certain knowledge of the subject matter.

You, on the hand, have nothing but a keyboard. Making reference to the "momentum" of the Renegades in the first post then writing what a horrible failure they were as an organization shows how little thought you've put behind your stance.

There IS no momentum from the Renegades, Kel, and they already feel like old news even if only a conditional franchise has been awarded.

The reason I posted about your petition is to show that you're a lot of talk and little results. I recall you commenting in another thread on the general board about how people at whine but take no action.

Yet what have you ever accomplished that entitles you to belittle anyone's efforts? An online petition? What else?

When you're able to point to anything that you've done that's directly impacted the likelihood of that game seeing the light of day, then I'll take your criticism of Ottawa fan involvement more seriously. Particularly since the results of the consultation are starting to come out and the pro-stadium side has clearly been heard.

Get used to it buddy boy. The 'Gades are BACK! Hopefully not to stay, I hate the whole Ottawa valley and all the suits in it. And thats my last word on this.


Hey, if the 'Gades name was revived, I'd live with it just fine. Make no mistake about that. It's my least favourite option but at least all the merchandise I bought would become relevent again.

I'm not even debating any of that anymore. The reason I responded at all was because of your blathering about what fans should be currently doing. It's pretty easy to point fingers from outside.

Having been through something similar with your game project, I'd have thought you'd have a better understanding of that. You have no clue about what fans are or are not doing around here and your claims about 1000's of jerseys being sold had to be pointed out as the joke it was.

The only concern I have with people like you, Kel, is that someone might surf through and actually believe something you post when you throw something up in the air like that. It's unlikely, since I like to think most folks know better, but still.

I could care less whether people hate me, Ottawa fans, the city as a whole, etc. Ultimately, I think it speaks more about you than it does me. All I care about is that it at least be done on reliable information as oppsed to posts like yours where stuff gets made up.

Hear Hear CRF

My game project? Buddy it took me about ten minutes to set that up and about twenty to realize it was a waste of time. Same a sthe new franchise in Ottawa.

Do I want a game? More than anything. Have I held the programmers at EA and 2K at knife point? No. So what the bleep is your issue besides getting too personal? I love personal by the way, I like beat... oooops, I mean meeting new people.

Furthermore, if you would like to see some numbers on those jerseys then do the GD research yourself! It WAS an assumption, on my part, and a safe one at that. I watched all the TV games and people were loving the new 'Gades jerseys. I saw at least 100 at the Grey Cup this year in addition to several old RR ones.

So, I challenge you to find the sales numbers buddy. Do you really believe they sold less than 2000 jerseys in their admittedly short life span??? LOL!!!!! And when you do find those numbers, I'll cook the crow so you can wipe the egg off your face and work on getting that foot out of your mouth!!!