How should the Stadium look like chime in

Okay now we really talk about look and feel of the new Stadium

I like looks of this Stadium above with these changes

CFL Field with closer fans to the field.
Remove the Top Sideline Levels. so we add a Big Score Board
Covered Seats (no Full Roof)
Black Seats on one side
Gold on the Other.
Dugouts on Both sidelines just like IWS.

This could a be a new IWS

I'm really hoping that they can make it as similar to Ivor Wynne as possible in terms of having the smaller sidelines, allowing the fans to be right on top of the field.

And this my my first stadium related post. Yes Yes i know you all envy my ability to stay away from the stadium threads. :wink:

Kirk your stadium in WH is Dead give it up...

The second one looks absolutely wicked, I hope we go with that one :thup:

retractable roof adds about 60 million to the cost so i doubt that will happen.

geesh, im not even sure ur councillors are gonna approve it. just doesnt sound like any of them are behind it at all.

feds giving 58 million? is this my understanding? so if u want a stadium that looks like any of those u need the city province and bob young to kick in about 300 million and that wont happen.

oh.. just gonna add.. just cuz u think the WH front stadium site is dead.. dont mean that design is.

A smaller version of this...PLEASE THINK RETRO WITH MODERN AMENITIES!!!!!!

It sounds like we won't have to worry about a track...So now we can have a stadium with seats close to the field.

Something like this would be a real beauty, anywhere in Hamilton

Rice-Eccles Stadium
Capacity 45,000
Cost: Built in 1998 for $50mil USD

the location of the stadium is dead not the design

i would absolutely LOVE! this type of design. very similar to the current stadium, just better!

I am sure The City and Ticats will have another Battle over this ..