How Screwed Up Our Media Is

A bit off topic, but what I saw on Sportsnet made me wonder what our national media is trying to shove on us.

I happened to see the World series on Sportsnet last night while switching channels, and what do I see? A guy in a Tigers uniform singing God Bless America?

And here's Sportsnet showing every patriotic moment.
Unfortunately it was an American patriotic moment.

Like, what more evidence do we need that these American sports have absolutley nothing to do with us?

I mean they either show a commercial while this is going on, or substitute a video clip of O Canada. Either way, it shows the stupidity of our national media by trying to act like their sports are ours.

Actually, I was watching it on a Fox station, so I didn't see anything wrong with it. Personally, I use that time to reflect on why I love to live in Canada.... I can't see why that would make me think I should become an American.

It's like when I see an ad for Coke, I want a Pepsi.... the message works to a point, but not enough to change my preferences.

And then, if someone hits a home run, they could block it out with a video clip of a hockey player scoring a goal.

Or even better: a video clip of our Great Leader telling us why our Great Nation is Great and reminding us all to continue the Great Struggle against the Yankee Imperialists.

Canadian television stations are not limited to Canadian shows. Displays of American patriotism seem relatively harmless. We can always change the channel whenever we wish. During Olympic games, displays of patriotism from other countries are common but people shouldn't be prejudiced.

The thing that bothers me if you are watching a game or TV show, the Canadian channel covers the American channel if the program you are watching is on at the same time. So in essence , you dont see the different culture-- you see the same drivel from Canada. It is most annoying during a Super Bowl, because you dont see the commercials. We dont have the right to choose its done for us by the govt and Canadian media.

You just need to get the time-shifting channels to not see that stuff. I watched the Super Bowl last year and saw all their commercials on the station from down east.

Most of the time I don't mind, but I do dislike that with the simulcasting, you occasionally lose parts of the telecast due to the guys here not switching back in time after commercials etc.

Lol, I agree I've heard the USA anthem to much, if I really want to watch that channel for whatever reason, i usually use this time productively.. IE go to the washroom or go make some food. If i dont care about whats on, i immediately switch channels..

Plus IMO Baseball isn't a sport IT like golf IMO is a hobby..

I don't care if an American channel is showing the American anthem.

But here is Sportsnet, trying to promote this World Series as some kind of great CAnadian event, and we get the American national anthem during the seventh inning stretch? On, how Canadian, eh?

I mean for the baseball all-star game they don't even show O Canada.

This is the reason the CFL has trouble getting attention it deserves from our national media. I mean just looking at how they treat baseball shows how screwed up it its.

This could all boil down to patriotism & club sports... do they go hand & hand? Outside of international competition, I see no reason to go chest thumping in pro-sports... I don't care what country its in.

You guys do know that God bless America is not the USA anthem....doncha???

It should be tho, its way better than the other one.

While I abhor listening to "God Bless America", I think Canadian citizens could learn a thing or two from the Americans about national pride.....

I actually really like GOD BLESS AMERICA. I specially liked listening to Kate Smith sing it for the Flyers.

If you asked most Canadians if they had national pride, most of them would say yes-- the only thing is we are not in your face about it. Of course showing national pride depends on which part of country you are asking that question in-- I think that a lot of Quebecrs have national pride-- for Quebec, not Canada.

When you see an ad for pepsi, do you want a coke?

There is one thing that I admire about the Americans and Quebecers to some extent.

If you ask an American of say European descent what he is....He will say American. Ask a Canadian the same question and most will say.....(insert European country here)

As for the networks showing the Canadian station...... There is a reason for it. Canadian businesses buy air time from Canadian networks and no one would see them because everyone is watching the US station. They would stop buying airtime and the Canadian stations would go belly up

No, I like Pepsi better, so when the commercial subconsciously makes me want a cola, I pick Pepsi over coke... it's not the opposite necessarily, just it only works to a certain point on me. However, dangle something shiny in front of me, I lose all trains of thought I might be on at the time....

As for Ro's comment, my dad is the only person I've ever met that actually will call himself a Canadian. Even I typically tell people I'm Ukrainian, although with Dad's example I try to modify it to Ukrainian/Canadian. My excuse is that most people would already know I'm a Canadian cause I'm here, so it's my family background they're inquiring about. :slight_smile:

You guys do know that God bless America is not the USA anthem....doncha???
yes, but "America the Beautiful" and "God Bless America" can be substituted. There is no law that says the anthum (sp) or any other song must be played before a sporting event.

We used to be able to subsitute "Maple Leaf Forever" and "God Save the Queen" instead of our anthem (sp) in Canada until that commie Trudeau changed the rule. :thdn:

I was more pissed off at the Blue Jays add they sneaked onto the backstop. I know Rogers owns the Jays but come on… LAME!

As an american I think this thread has quite a bit of merit. Down here we don't see ANY programming (outside of CFL ) and commercials from Canada. Just doesn't seem fair to me.

Fair Enough... I dont really care about whether its Pepsi or Coke, but i liek it Diet, my grandpa is diatbetioc so thats all ive ever had lol. regular tastes wierd to me. o and BTW, you gotta admit Mr Monkey, my answer (well question) to what you said was pretty smart