How quickly they forget

This is taken from the Calgary Herald story on yesterday's game.
"If there were any doubts of the Als’ desire to not only win this game, but stick it badly to the Stamps, they were erased with a minute and a half left in the game when they gambled on third down and threw into the end zone."
Gee, last year in Montreal, when the Stamps had the game in hand with about five seconds left on the clock, they didn't take a knee. They kicked a field goal. Speaking of kickers, wasn't it Sandro who threw a temper tantrum when he wasn't chosen top Canadian in the Grey Cup, or something like that? ("I'm a greedy bastard," he said.). Calgary kept sticking it to Montreal, even after the game.
As for the Herald quote, had it been AC throwing the pass, the Herald may have had a point. But it was MacPherson, though, and the guy should have the opportunity to throw at least one pass, don't ya think?
Besides, I've seen the Als with the ball within the other team's five with seconds remaining and take a knee.
It's safe to assume that, if the tables were turned, the Stampeders would be throwing bombs until the clock ran out.
Don't be hypocritical, Calgary!

No big deal. It was obvious after the game there is a lot of respect between these two teams. This is just a reporter looking to add a little juice on a dry piece of roast....

I was thinking the same thing!
Had it been AC it would have bee running up the score, with Mac, it was practice.
It was a nice pass as well dont ya think?

Great pass, wasn't an easy catch but definately catchable.

It appears Frank Burris is gonna show the
Als the bizness on November 29th.... To wich Coach Trestman answered I have no idea what's going on November 29th just that we have a game Sunday against the Tiger-Cats. So it appears there was a bit of biatching and moaning from the Calgary Stampeders that the the Als backup QB didn't go easy on them ! Wow ! That is what you call a Paper Champion...

McPherson gets to throw one pass longer than 1 yard about once per calendar year, and they're bitching about him not 'going easy' on them? Sheesh. Nothing wrong with giving Adrian some playing time and making him do something beyond handing the ball off to the running back. Burris should look in the mirror instead of whining about what the other team's backup QB is doing.

Maybe Frank is just pissed cause Calvillo is going to get another cheque and trophy on awards night this year :slight_smile:

The guys on Defense are paid a lot of money to stop the other team from scoring. The guys on Offense are paid a lot of money to score TDs. The fans paid money to see their team win big. At the professional level, I don’t believe in running up the score. Personally, I’d rather win 50-0, instead of 40-0.

Trestman and the Als were not trying to embarass the Stamps. They were just doing they’re jobs. I see it like a Boxing match, if one guy has won the first 8 rounds in a 12 round match, would it be wrong to try and do your job and knock out the other guy, or should he just run around, and throw jabs just because the other guy ran out of gas, and will not win 100% for sure.

Just the way I look at it.

I completely agree Ryoon. Coaches preach play 60 minutes, battle until the gun sounds. Just because you are blowing teams out shouldn't mean you take the last quarter or last part of the 4th quarter off. I think that may hurt a team if they do that on consecutive weeks after they have home field locked up because when the time comes to go down to the wire, that little extra might not be there. I don't think it is an issue of overconfidence, just the lack of playing a meanigful 60 minutes on a continuous basis. Especially with a young guy in the game, every rep he gets at game speed will only help him. If AC ever goes down, you want AM to be ready. Just Burris crying because he can..but hey it is nice to know he is focused on you guys and the grey cup already...

An unrelated question, why is Hank Burris called Frank when he is bad?

He's like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde..

When he's good, he's Hank/Henry...

When he's bad, he's Frank....

Probably the 'Riders fans that gave him the nickname when he played for them in 2003-2004, I could be wrong.

in defense, as a calgary fan, that was not the feeling of the team as far as i know and neither was it the feeling i personally felt. if this was a game with a bunch of 12 year olds than yes maybe you have a point but these are grown men being paid to play the game. calgary was out played and this was just a reporter making the rest of us look bad. and even tho he played bad i do not beleive it was henry making the comments so please keep it all in perspective when flaming other teams. just cause one reporter in calgary writes this does not mean the rest of the city does as well. as far as the whining about awards there was no reason why calgary was kept out of the awards but has no impact(obviously :stuck_out_tongue: ) on the outcome of the season. your team played a good game and beat us while we were at close to our worst. i have little doubt that you will lose another grey cup this year. Good Luck on the rest of your season and the playoffs