How open is training camp? (for the fans)

My question might sound cynical, but it is not meant to be.
I am currently on vacation, but I have not gone down to ST-Jean because of the bad weather. I am a semi pro photographer and I would very much like to see the players in action (and photograph them). I have looked at the schedule on the Als website (practices start at 8 am.). If I show up at 8 am, and the Als have a practice, will I be allowed to take pics (Iam not from the media)? If the practice is moved indoors because of bad weather, will I be able to enter and take pics?
If so, I will be there in a hurry!

I personally didn't had any problems last year when I went to practises during the week & week-ends when they were held at interior Haut-Richelieu stadium, or Catalogna Soccerplex in Lachine.

As long as you don't get in their way or "disturb" the players, you will not get into any troubles.

A lot of fans yesterday were on the sidelines (outside the yellow ribbon) with DSLR cameras.

Thanks for the information!