How Old?

How old do you have to be play in the CFL because Im interested in getting into it after or even during highschool.

buddy, if your that good in highschool there are these things called " scouts " they give you " try-outs " for various teams, its nice to have a dream, and i dont want to crush it ... but..

You Seem To Be Misinformed Of The Talent Leval Of This League, You've Got A Better Chance At Getting Into The nFL. However If You'd Rather Play In The CFL (Makes Sense) I'd Suggest You Attend A Canadian Univresity, If Your Good Enough You Might Beable To Get Picked Up As A NIP In The Draft After The Required 3 Or 4 Years Of University

Thanks for the advice guys and I would rather be in the CFL because its actually about the team and not about the gatorade or shoe deals, but I live in a small town so it's not so easy to get looks but you didn't answer my question is it 18 or what

you must be 18 i think.....if you want to play, work hard and go for's still a tough league to get into, especially for an import, but if you REALLY want to make your presence known, get into college and play some good football, very few players make it right out of high school.

Hey USA, you could probably get a shot as a walk on at one of the Canadian Universities, which will give you exposure to the scouts, but you would still have to get into the university first, so stay in school and get good grades.

the kicker thats comming outta retirement to play for the GADES…he was 17 when he started in the CFL

You will not leave highschool and play CFL. period. Try a univerisity team or a junior team first … the speed/size/talent difference between highschool and univerisity/junior is quite large … and the step to the CFL is even larger …

As far as answering your question … if you were a 6’4, 230 pound 11 year old … i’m sure you could get a job (w/ your parents approval of course)


if you don't mind, USA, could you give us your name, that way when you make, we can say "Hey, I'd talked to that guy online!'

Hank Ilesic couldnt actually play a CFL game til he turned 18, but he was in the esks camp at 17.

yea its kevin and don't worry if i make it I will make a shout out. lol :wink:

got to the ARGOS web site.........they have a link to try out info.................

But YOU have to be really , really good.

The not that far below the NFL......................and is far above .........ARENA FOOTBALL and NFL EUROPE.

I’m a 6’ foot 225 pound 14 year old, is that good enough for you?

If you really want to try right after high school.. your best bet is to go to open tryouts... if i'm not mistaken... most teams (if not all) have one in the states... best bet is to look at all the teams websites and see where and when the tryouts are.... but you will have a better shot of making it if you go to university or college and play there first.

usa_player whats your last name your fisr is kevin, whats your last? so we'll know forsure if you do! and you could get into a small college like printers did, Texas christian, or a division 2 college? try small ones like western illinois, or or northwest iowa state, thats a divison 3 college!

kivior how do canadian college differ in price are they higher or lower better chance of getting in ?

canada college is better to get into the CFL

The best person to contact is Jim Barker, he will email you back with a response.

Contact Jim Barker at the Calgary Stampeders office he has a football school that preps you for pro football. He would be able to help you with your questions more then any poster on this site.

good luck~!