How old are CFL fans?

Just curious.

So far its pretty varied...

You think we have a lot of 1 year olds posting here?

Judging by some of the posts, ro1313, there very well could be some one year olds on here.

True that!!!

well said roughy. the people that hit up this site normally have alot of passion for the league as a whole. unfortunatly we get some who are to nvolved in their own team or different views who sound kinda dumb after posting. eg jetsin07

I have been 22 for more yrs than I can remember.


It’s good to see an even spread across the various age ranges.

37 here

If in fact this is reasonably accurate, it is interesting. I had thought that the demographic included less of a percentage under 25. All teams need to gear towards developing more fans in this range, they will be the future of the league. I realize the 25 - 34 yr olds have more money, but you can never have enough kids watching the game in my opinion.

I am 43 and have been a fan since I was 14.


I know its a small sample now, but I’d imagine you’d see two peaks in the distribution. One on the 15-24 range and another somewhere 35+…

I’d imagine the 25-34 range would see a dip because this would include people who grew up during the CFL’s lost generation. These people would have been in their prime in an era where the CFL was on its deathbed.

I'm 46, and have been a CFL fan since I was 11. The year I started watching was the year the late Leon McQuay fumbled on the 11 yard line. Little did I know at that time that things were going to get worse for the Argos on the field before they got better. :roll:

turned 24 last tuesday

16 here

I'm 35.

I'm 49 years young. A CFL fan since 1968. Aware of the CFL since I can remember my dad watching it since the early 60's.

55+ How about an older catagory????? 100+

Just Kiddin

55+ catagory, football fan since the early 60's!

Just turned 23. Those my age and younger are the ones who are going to keep the CFL going ... I figure that by the early-to-mid-20's, you've pretty much become set in what you think of the CFL ... hopefully, anyway. Since I've never been older than 23 I don't actually know ...

Maybe a little off topic but with the passion some people have for using derogatory slang terms for team and city names I am surprised there aren’t more in the 1-14 year old range.

Why is it that people have to disrespect their opposition, you can criticise all you want but don’t get into name calling, it is simply childish.