How oblivious can TSN crews be?

Dear TSN people

We dont want interviews that go on during the plays, in the booth or on the sidelines.

Dont be babbling on when the ref is talking. Let us hear him.

We dont need to hear incessant babbling on about this player or that.

We dont need to know their gradeschools teachers name, or what type of underwear they wear or when they hit puberty. Just stick to game related facts.

Just shut up already about everything else.

If you absolutely must talk on about something, do it during down time. If you want to interview people, do it during halftime, or before the game or after the game or even make a new weekly CFL interview show.


Try listening to the radio broadcast while the game is on the TV. That will filter out all the TSN BS.


yeah, but it is just not the same as it used to be on tv, sigh

Brings me back to the CBC strike and people complaining that they want commentators

A good point made. I found the rambling distracting from the actual game. Only talk about what is going on - on the field. To me it is more respectful to the teams and the players. Also, before the game starts - guessing who is going to win is such a waste of time. Instead why not provide information that helps me to know the teams or an individual player better. At times, it seems like the TSN panel anchor and panel participants are condescending about the CFL.


I agree. This is why I PVR all the games now. I’ll start watching about 1/2 hour into it. Skip all the bs.


I do the same but it doesn't eliminate the crap they too often talk about while ignoring the game.

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The panel is really pushing this gambling crap. All you hear is take the "over" or no take the "under" and I don't think Sanchez or Stegall have ever got their over/under picks right yet.


yeah I can do without the betting talk.


I like the in game interviews. They're only for 5 minutes out of a 3 hour broadcast. It's not a big deal.


Me three. I don't want to hear anything about the point spread. I had fully enough of that by about 1980 which is a large part of the reason I tuned out the NFL at about that time.



If you can I encourage you to try RDS if french doesn't bother you. Pierre Vercheval may be the best color commentor ever and David Arsenault (sometimes Matthieu Proulx) knows when to talk and when to stay silent.


This was my first game this season so thank you Bombers For The W.

I didn't hear Rod Black's inane ramblings so that's something.


I have felt a similar frustration this year and will mute the TV when it becomes too much. I used to think that Glen Suitor was a decent colour commentator but he has become a bit of a windbag. Perhaps he's forgotten his primary role.

It's not necessary to fill every audio moment with sound and the focus ought to be the plays that are unfolding on the field. Accurate analysis is more important than background info and yes, it should be suspended during the ref's announcements.

For those old guys like me, nobody has ever been able to hold a candle to the late, great Ron Lancaster RIP when it comes to dissecting plays after the fact.


Aristotle... you bring your deductive reasoning as expressed in sylogisms to the table (not bad for a dead guy). You and Plato were the rockstars of Greek Philosophy. Must be tiresome having all those babes swarm you at every reading. Still I guess it's better to HAVE groupies than not have them right? Anyway, we here in 'People's Front Against Inane Ramblings' really hate it when those TSN announcers go on and on about everything not related to the actual game. We'd like to join our little movement but only those who REALLY hate 'Inane Ramblings' can join. So Aristotle, HOW MUCH do you hate 'Inane Ramblings'?! :face_with_monocle:

Not that much, unless they're Rod Black's and occasionally Suitor's. :slight_smile:

So much whining in this thread. TSN is the only network that has stepped up to pay the league decent money to broadcast the games. Be grateful someone has. If you can't block out the noise, that's on you.

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If you are going to do something, do it right. Even if you are the only one doing it.

If for instance, I want to hear what the ref is saying, how can I do so just by blocking out the other vocal noise?


It's very rare that you can't hear the ref make a call over the TV. I don't know what you are watching. Of course, OTOH, I would rather hear the commentators than Bradbury or Valessi butcher whatever the hell they are trying to say.

To each their own. It happens often these days that they talk over the refs. Doesnt matter who the ref is or how they talk, just the info they give, and I want to know that info.

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