How Nathan Rourke won over Ricky Ray

REGINA — Like everyone else, Ricky Ray watched Nathan Rourke‘s first few games in the CFL and was intrigued.

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It will be a shame for the League, should we lose him to the NFL. Good for him and aspiring CDN QBs, but bad for the League and its fans. He is some good, of that there is no doubt.

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I hope he stays patient and looks at the career of Ricky Ray. Ray tried out in the NFL after a couple of good seasons in the CFL and didn't stick. Rourke should get more playing experience up here instead of wasting a year or two down there.

Outstanding season for Nathan Rourke especially his overcoming the adversity of injury & game situations that were at times unfavourable. A young & talented QB who the CFL is priveledged to experience. Congratulations Nathan!