How much would it cost to start up a CFL Franchise?

Can anyone give me some numbers on how much it would cost to start up a CFL Franchise? How much would it cost to build a standard standium? (25-30,000 seats) And also where would be the best available location in Canada for a new CFL Franchise?

Well, I can't give you any concrete numbers... you looking to start up a franchise?

Locations: Qubec City, London, Moncton, Halifax in that order.

Cost? Make sure you have $200 mil to start if you plan on doing it without gov't assistance.

for starting up a franchise, call cfl head office

for building a stadium contact asper in winnipeg

for best available location, see various previous discussion on expansion on this forum and many other clf forums

Yup, if it invoved building a new stadium then $200 Mill, plus or minus $50 million would be a fair guess.

I seem to remember that the fee to the CFL was in the $10 million range. You would also need to have at least a years operating budget which would be at least $15 million. And be prepared to loose some money for a few years.

So assuming that a stadium was in place and that you are able to get a good rental rate then say $40 million to start and 4 or 5 million a year for a few years to cover the shortfalls.

This is a fan forum. The answers to the questions that you seek will not be found here outside of speculation.

This speaks to the long-time need of an 1-800 number for questions and comments regarding the CFL. It's a wonder how the league has operated so long without a direct link with it's fans given the technology available.


wow. I wasnt even aware that NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB had 1-800 numbers. Go figure.

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Thats Good FYB!!!

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I can tell you how much - buckets and buckets of money - and I am not talking about the kinds of buckets with handles that you carry around like paint - I am talkin Hi-Ho sized buckets from machines like you see in the Oil Sands.

Or you could just call Capital Direct and re-mortgage your house - afterall, they claim to have the answers to all of your financial woes!

Wasn't the most recent expansion fee (Ottawa expansion? I know, that's for another thread) $7million? I think teams can operate for between $12-$15million a year, and if you have a location that already has a stadium (such as Moncton's 20,000....very close anyway...again for another thread)you could spend minimal amounts on stadium upgrades. Upgrade and expand as you go type of thing. If you are going to lose in the first few years anyway, why would you be losing?...because of gate numbers. Therefore, expand as you grow your market base.

I realize my number is a lot lower than everybody else's but I think it can be done for cheaper than $200-250million.

BMO field was $77M, land included, for 20k seats.

Ottawa franchise fee was $7M

The Riders have the highest yearly operating budget, at $22M

I would like to start up a franchise yes.

I am guessing that if you had enough money to do so, you either won a lottery, or inherited it.

I'd love to own the whole league.... but you need cash and plenty of it... The kind of cash that you would be able to have people call the league office and arrange a meeting for you... If you had that kind of cash I higly doubt that you would be coming on this site trolling around.

I can throw in 10 bucks to anyone here wanting to start an expansion franchise.

Man if i had 200 million dollars i’d buy a team and cheer against them at Lions games. Make the city of London/Quebec/Halifax hate me for it get popularity throught the roof and bam 60,000 seat stadium w00t.

I'm willing to take your ten bucks, me for mailing details, and leave room on the cheque for a few more zeros...

No chance that there will be more zeros in the near future i'm afraid. However, before I mail this current money, I need some assurance that the investment will actually go towards a new CFL franchise, and that you have other credible investors on-board. :wink:

I'd also insist upon collecting a 10% return on my investment... so after every season, i'll be looking for a loonie in my mailbox.

oh boy, is that a set up... :smiley:

I think 10 seasons is being more than patient enough in regards to recouping my investment... :lol: