How much worse (or better) are we than a week ago?

OK, it's been a dramatic and even shocking week, but time to take stock.

We clearly got hosed in the Moreno trade, Taaffe is gone and we have Bellefeuille, Anthony moves to MLB, and Kashama will take Anthony's place at DE (acquired at a low price - well, high salary, but we didn't give up much for him). Also signed were Coker who might play this year, and Tafaris who will likely have no impact this year.

What % better or worse are we than last week? My gut is that we're probably 10% worse, but if Anthony and Kashama can rise to the occasion, we might even get better. The other unknown is how the offense will be affected by Marcel's move to HC and DMac's added responsibilities...considering all this, I say 10% worse.



Last hope for the future.
This week...the willingness to finally make changes gives some hope for the future.
So we are better off.

If we can mave better decisions made by the Head Coach, I'll go + 10%.
I'll give Moreno the benefit of the doubt and say his replacements will be - 10%.
In the end its a wash. The Cats will still loose the game, but will be on the road to re-building.

Last week, we had no pass rush and the best MLB in the league and due to no pressure...a porous secondary.

This week, we have no pass rush, suspect linebacking and due to no pressure, a porous secondary.

On Offense, we have a new co-ordinator(s) (by committee). Our offensive line still stinks, Jesse is still hurt. Our quarterbacks still have to run for their lives and our receivers (other than Bauman) look afraid to catch anything not right in the numbers.

We're worse this week.

The way to dscribe it would be like comparing the difference between hospital food and airline food. While both will feed you and keep you alive neither one has you jumping for joy.

The Cats a week ago and the Cats today both look different and may play different...however, will likely score the same result on the field.

If Coker is related to Joe, we still have a chance
(with a little help from our friends).

Joe Coker
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:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Nice analogy.

I just hope Jo Jo Walker is playing. He at least can catch balls thrown into the middle. Other than that...a COMA is looking pretty good about now!!!

I think a lot will depend on the state-of-mind of the players after this eventful week. Maybe this is the wake up call they needed. Trouble is, they’re up against a pretty darn good club this week and playing on real turf. There are just too many unknowns to lay bets.

I really, really hope it’s BETTER, but my brain sez no way!

I don't think it could be any worse than last week.

Same secondary playing on the road against Ricky Ray…

Are you kidding?

Kashma led the Als in QB tackles and was a reliable part time defensive end. He should be of help to your Ti Cats. He was let go because he earns $120 000 and refused a pay cut.

if Anthony and Kashama can rise to the occasion, we might even get better.
Kashama is a decent role player but isnt going to make you forget Montford...glad he is going to get a shot cause he wasnt going to get in in Montreal...The Als Dline has been insane this year....

I'm not sold on Anthony replacing Moreno being a wash, IMHO. I think we are going to get increased short term pain for...we'll see. LOL

Kashama should be an improvement. How much so depends on the schemes Creehan runs. He's capable, but he hasn't been a jawdropper. Time will tell.

We get a draft pick and the possibility of acquiring Corey Mace. How that shapes up will eventually justify the deal. What we have lost with Moreno's absence is tangible. The future? It will take time to see how justified the deal turns out.

The biggest question is how Bellefeuille's ascension to HC will change the tenor of the team and if Danny Mac's input can help boost the offense further. Marcel will likely call the plays and the initial pass protections. His inflexibility re the base 5-pack in the face of pressure after sack after hurry and the lack of a second back dedicated for blocking is a big sore point for me. This has to get fixed. He has the control to move on this. Will he?

Our lack of talent in key areas will remain the context where this team ultimately succeeds as a competitive team or will fall apart. Marcel and co. have to give the team a fighting chance. Otherwise, last week's result is the likely blueprint for the remainder of the year, IMO.

Oski Wee Wee,

Change equals hope? Any kind of change? We are worse off this week.

I've seen this story. This is the part of the season where they start stuffing "change" down our throats like it's an election campaign, with promises of a better year next year, because they have to start soliciting season ticket holders to "lock in" their packages for another few seasons. I've been around this team for 18 years. I know how it works.

Make no mistake about it, they are looking past this year already. The new HC, if you can even call him that will start trying to push his agenda and plead for time, to "turn things around" and for the team to "gel" with my new philosophy. When we lose the rest of the season and the first 6 games next season, it'll be because the players haven't "bought in" to the new system yet. Give us a bit more time please...and then at this time next year...DMac will be promoted to "interim" head coach and we do the dance all over again. Lock in those season tickets at this year's prices because we promise we'll be good next season.

So are we better off? It depends on who "we" is. No matter how they sugar coat it, it's bad. It's just plain bad.

not a bengal: I agree its bad.
But I also think we (the fans) have had enough of the “more time…gel…etc” already this year. We even had some on this forum who joined in that same chorus even as the fans were leaving in droves.
That lame excuse for inaction won’t get the fans back in the seats next season. The only solution is to win some games. Can Marcel B pull it off? If we can beat Edmonton or at least show some improvement and then go on and beat Winnipeg and Zeke(now that is disheartening), then the fans might start showing some interest again.
After that it will be tough to get a win until the last regular game against Winnipeg. Like I said, there is some hope…more than we have had this year so far…but not much.