How Much Will The Argos Make/Lose This Year?

Arash Madani said the Argos break even at 18,000 fans per game. He's a member of Rogers so he has no reason to lie and I'm taking him at his word. Assuming this is true, NOT including a Playoff game or the Grey Cup money, how much do you think the Argos will Make or Lose in 2016?

It's not my money so not really concerned.

No question Bell/Tannenbaum have a long road to rebuild the franchise off the field. Tonight's attendance was discouraging for sure but it at least it didn't feel dead down there.

1st two things I do for next season.

No midweek-non holiday games for sure aside from the odd summer Thursday for TV.

No price increases for next year. Possibly eveb lower the east side stands (i.e. make Gold A Gold B pricing next year.

Rome wasn't built in a day

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Well said.

Re : "No question Bell/Tannenbaum have a long road to rebuild the franchise off the field."

Let's hope they are in it for the LONG run.

Not sure if you are being sarcastic. :wink: Don't forget to vote, Johnny. :slight_smile:

I guess you are forgetting that the players are basicly volunteers, so league revenues alone cover the player expenses. The real loses come into what is Tenenbell paying administration staff. What is Tanenbell paying themselves?
CFL tickets ars extremely overpriced and tbe Argos are no exception. If they truely arent giving away tickets then they still made money tonight. They paid out a measly 300 k in player wages, which is almost covered by the 250k they recieve each game for TV rights. Even if only 8000 fans paid an average of 80 bucks, that is still 600k.
The bottom line is that it is pretty damm hard to lose money in the CFL. You cant beat free labour.

You make some good points.

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If they only average 12-15,000 actually paying customers and are only selling half or a little over half of the suites and club seats as I suspect then they will lose $2 - 3 million. All one has to do to realize a team needs over $20 million in revenue to earn a profit is to look at the books of the Esks and Bombers. There are significant non-player costs involved in team finances.

The Last Word

We voted the same way based on the same reasoning.

"Oddly enough, the Argos-Redblacks game, in terms of game revenue, was the Argos’ third highest revenue game of the past six years. That’s how difficult it was for the Argos at the Rogers Centre."

[url=] ... -gut-punch[/url]

The Argos will make several MILLIONS this year since according to the CEO and numerous apologists here, drawing an embarrassingly low 12,373 generates more revenue than all but ONE (1) game in the past six seasons at the Dome.

Can you imagine if Toronto could ever get their attendance up to 18,000 at BMO? They'd make tens of MILLIONS with those kind of "numbers".

Try and not be so bitter/angry, A51. Hope you feel better over the weekend.

Incredible how quickly the numbers spin.

Break even at BMO is said to be 18,000 but a crowd of just 12,373 generates the 3rd highest revenue in six years. Rent at the Dome changes from free to $100,000 per game.

It could still be their 3rd highest grossing game of the last 6 years and lose money. They aren't mutually exclusive.

I believe rent was free or close to it under C & S (an incentive from Rogers to keep the Argonauts from leaving / building their own stadium) but IIRC after they lost the team a date was missed for an extension and Braley had to sign a new deal @ $100,000 per game in rent.

Argos signed a new lease for the Dome in September 2013. This was long after Cynamon & Sokolowski.

Yes but that was just an extension of the original $100,000 per game lease that I’m referring to.

Not good on math but the grey cup will generate 4 million EXTRA dollars for the Argo's. Will that put them in the black
with a good fall playoff run. ME thinks Yes. But sorry I'm hopeful and positive.