How much will Hamilton win by on Labour Day?

A struggling TO team with horrible and horribly offensive numbers on a very short week heading into Hamilton. This should be a very ugly lopsided win. Glad I'm not going to be there to take abuse. I'll just yell and swear at my tv. haha.

Probably be a rout. How about by 40 points ? 45 - 3 Ticats in a "cake walk"

Don't forget this is a very strange CFL season and as KA says any team can beat any other team anytime. If TO doesn't get some wins soon they will be all alone playing their games at BMO Field. :oops: :cowboy:

BC Lions kicked our butt at home July 1st,OK we had no Zac.
Argos almost knocked off BC ,the second best team in the CFL/LCF last night and looked pretty good IMO.
Not showing the opposition respect is a mistake KA will not make why would I?


I agree with you. We should just play hard and well, and let the quality of our play lead to the desired result. No need for disrespect or arrogance toward our opponents... who, by the way, suck.

Another fitty burger inbound!

Crush dem arhols

Anyone actually going to the Mac game aswell?

I would but i dont want to be tired for the Cats game, seems like a very long expensive day.

Yep, I will be at both, but will probably go for a walk and grab something to eat between games. Haven't been to a Mac game since the Vanier Cup loss at Sky Dome.

Agree on the long and expensive, that's why we will wander off rather than do the concert thing. Also help with the sobriety? :smiley:

Forgot to reply to the original question. I'm thinking Ti-Cats by about 10, but I think we will be in a back and forth battle. Ray likes those short, quick hitters and the short wide outs that seem to be our weakness.

Plus, I am losing confidence in special team's ability to run legal blocking for Speedy B, especially if tempers get heated.

Zach should make a big difference offensively, but I don't think Ray can be as poor as in the season opener. So, all in all, a close one with Ti-Cats sneaking it through.

Of course, I always think that!

Toronto's defense played pretty well last night and Ray completed 20 of 24 passes. I'm actually a little afraid of the blew team right now.

Two days ago Hamilton was a 4.5 point favorite. Today they are an 8.5 point favorite. I disagree with that.

That, I think, is the Labour Day game where the visiting Toronto team is more likely to get blown out. After a 40-10 win over Carleton to open the season, I'm thinking Mac will be just fine in this first year without Ptaszek.

So while BC did just get by Toronto, winning by a field goal that was kicked on the game's last play, it is quite possible that two Toronto teams will get blown out at THF in one day. And I'm sure that most people who visit this site would be fine with that.

They'll lose by two points after trailing 35-3 at the half. They'll make adjustments on defence, special teams will score a kick return touchdown, and the offence will start getting it together in the second half. But when the dust settles they'll lose 38-36. Hand grenades and horseshoes.

Hi; I've just returned here after being away for a while. Just want to say how badly I want to be there, and if history says anything, these LD games are a different animal. Saying that, of course we are going to kick ass! :smiley:

Been a fan for far too long to make such bold predictions.

Let’s just say I’m “quietly confident”.

Does anyone really think the Argos have any chance? they played Wednesday night and didn't look good.
They have no chance at all. Ticats are rested, a better team and at home.
It won't be close.

You know the old adage - "On any given day, either team can win. That's why they play the game." Never underestimate the opponent, they are professionals, and especially when you have Ray at QB, and a unique character like Foley on the D line.

Fifty burger or field goal it's still 2 points in the win column
Yes I want the Cats to win
Yes I want to see penalty flags (but not too many of them) evenly distributed
No I don't want to see any serious injury to either side
Yes I want to hear Simoni Lawrence crush Ricky a couple of times. Actually any of the D will do
Yes I want to see Speedy get a clean TD run back
Yes I will wear my old 'Argos suck' hat band

He couldn't do it the other night against a tired Lions team. I will predict that it's IMPOSSIBLE for the Ticats to lose on Monday at home. It will be a blowout.
The re-match on the 11th will be a blowout too in front of 9k Argo fans and 6k Ticat fans.

Love your confidence!! I'm hoping you are right, and I will be there cheering the boys on. But, as I say, their guys are pros too, and they don't want to lose in either Hamilton or Toronto, especially Hamilton. I'm thinking a close one, or close two.

Somewhere between as much as they need to as much as they want.

You can't look past the Argos.