How much responsibility does Buono have for all this?

:? Lets see here. BC has been outscored in the second half of EVERY game this season. And not by just a little bit, but by a lot. If my math is correct, BC has 44 second half points, while the opposition has 90 second half points.

If the team is good enough to have the lead at the half in four of their five games so far, why aren't they good enough to outscore opponents in the second half of ANY game yet?

Why are the other teams able to make the adjustments that Buono just doesn't seem to be able to manage? Or is it that the Lion players get complacent at the half?

Whatever the cause, I'm tired of it! They need to start finishing off teams, and not, as Dickensen did tonight, throwing his helmet. And even worse, then the camera caught him sitting on the bench and SMILING! Disgraceful effort on behalf of the whole team during the second half. It's hard to remember the good plays in the first half when the last 30 minutes are played like they were tonight (and every other nights so far this year).

In every second half, the Leos look worse than a kid's bantam team...they really are pathetic.

I don't know what's going on in the locker room, but they need to wake up in the second half, and play a full 60 goddamn minutes!!

Inability to adjust defensively and offensively tellsyou that the coaches are short-sighted or are just too damn arrogant. Great win for the Riders though......makes the West really interesting. The Lion's second half performance so far this year is making it real hard for those of who are trying to be BC fans.

it was clear tonight that buono got outcoached!! also, dickinson is one of the leaders of the team and by throwing his helmet, he disrespected himself and more important, the team!! buono should have dealt with dickinson, benched him and by doing so, send a clear message to the team that he is in charge and crap like that is unacceptable....buono has clearly lost control of this team amd maybe it's time to START looking for another head coach

You may be on to something, for DD to throw his helmet and get called for unsportsmanlike conduct is absolutely unacceptable. DD should be on his goddamn knees begging for forgiveness from the fans.

There was a reason why Wally only won 3 Cups in Calgary with all of the talent…and he’s showing it here!!

Axe Chapedelaine…he stinks.

i have always felt that there should be different people in the positions of head coach and general manager....although, i don't have the stats, i believe that there have been more losing pro teams with one person being the hc and gm than winning teams.....ackles is long in the tooth but i am sure still has the knack.....just a thought!!

I don't think Ackles is the problem. Buono is the problem. Whether it's due to too many responsibilities or something else, Buono is the root of the problem. Our problem lies in who do we replace him with?

Ditto. Wally’s success was when he had Cortez as his OC

hwgill....what i meant was that ackles may be the solution!! buono needs to spend more time as a head coach and forget the admin many years was buono head coach/gm in calgary?