How much motivation does this team need???

Other than the week 2 win in the Peg, this team has been sub-par at best. After getting to the GC twice and losing twice how can they seem so lackadaisical?

If they go flat in this game is Sask. then they may as well just pack up for the season and not bother playing anymore.

Last week in Montreal they looked like paycheck players. It's embarrassing. Have some will and pride for goodness sakes.

Apparently alot. I think ‘pack up’ maybe pushing it a tad though.

1-3 is not bad we were worse the last 2 seasons and like you said made it the GC. 1-5 and 1-6 if im remembering right.

The point is that this team, especially this year, has the talent, but not enough motivation, to win.

They should be able to beat any team brutally, and them not doing that is a sacrilege. It's as if they don't want it that bad.

Maybe if Austin focused more on good coaching than yelling they might do better.

Ah it's still early in the year and remember the Cats are playing on the road to start the year, first time in CFL that a team has started on the road for a whole month to start the season or any time?

Although the Pan Am Games have been great for some, I'm sure that they have been just as hard on the Tiger-Cats to be playing so many road games and no home games at THF? This team has basically played on the road since leaving the old Ivor Wynne Stadium in 2012.

I'm sure the team will be up for the challenge tonight in Regina and hopefully pull out a win but I'm sure they will be very happy to start playing at THF again in front of their pumped up fans where they are perfect and never lost a game, unlike Winnipeg where I'm sire they like playing on the road because their home record is not that great.

Lets see where this team is by Labour Day and beyond before we give up or say the seasons over?


Hamilton played games at THF last season as of Labour Day. Even the eastern final.

They played well against Calgary too, the Montreal game was the ONLY game were there didn't seem to be much motivation.

And even in Montreal the D played great. The O has seemed to be the only thing sputtering so far this season.

#1 in Penalties in the CFL is a direct reflection on coaching = lack of Disipline = -1W in Montreal for sure

The most glaring thing to me is the lack of offensive adjustments when things are not working. Condell and Austin don't seem to feel the need to change things up when its obvious they need to.

Things are definitley improved in the east and wont be so forgiving of a slow start this season. The Montreal games lack of focus and motivation was a little concerning. This game is important!

The Tiger-Cats need No motivation, the team is highly motivated enough. A few fans need to be motivated though with a good swift kick in the britches.

The Tiger-Cats are 2-2 and all from road play, now we get home and basically at THF for next few games where we haven't lost a game, perfect record and I'm sure the Cats will be highly motivated to keep it that way!!


Tonight would have been a great time for the OP to return to his own thread and acknowledge that the team exceeded his expectations with a nice win.

Evidently he did not have time. He was too busy insulting the radio commentators, the call-in show participants, our coach, and especially, the opposing team's fans. And then, presumably, he had to return to his home beneath a bridge somewhere.

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I prefer to not jump the gun just yet. This team has a shot at winning it all this season,
particularly if they continue to play as they did in the 4th quarter in Regina.

Don't throw in the towel just yet!

In answer to the original Topic question - not much apparently.

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To be fair to the OP I felt last weeks game was a less than proffesional effort. Happily Austin responded and rallied the troops for this weeks game.

Thread is funny.

Apparently they have too much motivation. Save some for the rest of the season, okay guys?


Too funny. Especially after he accused us this week of being idiots who obviously did watch the games or understand football. This is sweet :rockin: