How much more can the fans take?

I know that management and players are asking the fans to be patient, but I don't know how much more the fans can take.

For the past three years we have been extremely loyal and patient. Each time, we are told that the team is in the re-building stage and a winning team takes time and dedication.

I understand that and I have continued to attend as many games as I can, but each time we suffer a humiliating pounding by the other team, it gets harder and harder to hang on.

I don't claim to know what's wrong with the team or even how to fix it, but if they continue to expect us to fill the stands and pay the ridiculous concession stand and beer prices, then I think we are within our rights as fans to demand a better on field product.

I hope things pick up soon for the team and for the patient, loyal fans.

Welcome to the forum Catbacker however , why is this post any different than the other 500 "I'm fed up" posts that have been started in the last ...2 years?

I'm sure you joined to say something that hasn't been said 500 times before you, or was that it?

BTW , it's a good thing you're not a Leafs fan.

So THAT'S why my tolerance level is so

I can take the good or the bad from this team for the rest of my life because I am a born Cat fan period.

I have lived in BC for about 3 years now and even though the Lions have been kicking ass like crazy ever since I have been here I would much rather cheer on my beloved Cats who have won only 18 games in 3+ years.

I bleed blackand gold and always will..

Although the results havent been good at at least some of the new guys look good i.e. Moreno, Setta, Chang.

Same here.

"How much more can we take?" Real fans don't talk like this. Society is so full of those 20something, punks who look to satisfy their immediate needs that it makes me sick. Those chronologically over 20 that thinks this way haven't matured beyond this age. These are the same guys that start a job and within a year think that they should be earning an E.D.'s wage. Well guess what? Wipe your nose and suck it up because it's going to be a long season. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was this team. When a team makes as many changes as this one has, how can anyone who has a brain that is firing on all cylinders expect instant victory? If they lose many but make the playoffs, that would be a bonus. If they don't make the playoffs, well what else do you expect? If you can't handle watching them lose, do what the snot-nosed brats do and jump on another bandwagon. True fans stick through the good and the bad times. Wannabees don't.

dis.ignor.ation (desegnurateon) L. n. the ability to ignore, avoid, not respond to first time posters on just looking to stir the crap pot.

Hey man, I agree with your assessment of the current team, but a bit hard on the young'uns, no?

Remember all those years where there were 12-15K fans in the stands, you couldn't give tickets to the other 400K Hamiltonians, and the team was perpetually on the verge of bankruptcy. Well, since the 20-somethings were little kids through most of those years, I don't really thinks it's fair to blame them, is it? Start looking at the now 40- and 50-somethings that could have been buying tix and taking today's 20-somethings to games and you'll be hitting a bit closer to the mark.

Also, you might wanna consider what a 20-something has seen from the Cats that would make them the kind of fan you think they should be. I've got 5 GC wins in my 40+ years (but only 2 that I'm old enough to remember. But I've also got the late-70s and early 80s, when the stadium was full and the teams competed (or at least owned the Argos) - that's what made me a lifer. A 20-something has one fluke Grey Cup surrounded by years of mostly misery. Yet lots of them still show up - for that they probably deserve a medal, not a lecture.

Me three.

Simply put: this is a rebuilding team. I want to see competitve football ASAP. As long as the youth movement is served and these players progress, I will be satisfied.

I will not stop supporting the team. Ever. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

:oops: Well the true, blue Ticat fans really hung me out to dry on this one.

However, I must tell you that I have been a Ticat fan since the early 70's and will continue to be through the good years and the bad.

I was simply trying to convey my frustration with the performance on field. Before the season begins, we are inundated with the hype about the incredible new players we have acquired and the talent they bring to the team. So, we go to the exhibition games and are amazed at the quality of talent and level of play the team in displaying. We think to ourselves, yes, this could be the year we make it to the Grey Cup.

Then, we go into the regular season and it's as if the team we saw during exhibition has been switched with another team. You almost can't believe it is the same team and you wonder what the heck has happened. The guys seem to be lacking direction and leadership and it is affecting their ability to play at the level we know they are capable of. They need to get their s*** together.

As a loyal, paying, game attending fan, it is my right to voice my disapproval with the on field product. But, I will continue to attend home games, watch the away games and support them in any way I can. I know we have the talent and the determination to make this a winning team again, I just would like to see it sooner than later.

Don't worry Catbacker---I see nothing in your post to upset anyone. Everything you say is valid and demanding something better should not only be understood but expected.

Somehow "old-time" posters believe that football or Ticat knowledge is somehow directly related to the number of posts you have on this site.
They need to give their heads a shake sometimes.....

You have no concept how much pain and suffering I'm able to put up with. There is no limit. :wink: :smiley:

That has got to be the kinkiest remark I have ever read on this website. (LOL) Your fan base will continue to grow with this latest posting.

Et tu, Gerry?? :roll: I was talking about my struggles in life, but whatever gets you through the I already have the only fan I need. :smiley:

Regardless of the product on the field, I'll continue to be a season ticket holder. I'll support them through many lows and the brief highs that happen.

Thats a Fan.

I dunno if I can stay the same, I will always be a ticat fan, but if they can't score touchdowns I dont think I'll commit to another year of season tickets, probably just start going to random games threw the seasons