How much Money Will TFC Lose in 2017?

From all accounts, TFC would be a huge moneymaker if they stuck to the MLS salary cap. They recieve next to no revenues from Canadian TV, but recieve 3 million from the US SUM deal.BMO used to pay them 4 million a year, but now pay only about 500k. Ticket revenues are often tied to sponsorship deals, but it is safe to assume they recieve about 1 million for each home game. With total revenues being about 20 million, one must wonder how much money they lose? Total FN outspent the salary cap this season by about 1000%. DPs earned as much as 3 times as much of thr rest of the team( not invluding other DPs of couse)
Almost all teams in the MLS lose money? but is TFC the biggest loser of them all?

They're currently the biggest winner ....... See yesterday's game for details

Im talking about money. I'd say its noryh of 15 million Canadian.

Sportsnet radio here was going off about the Whitecaps need to bring in high end DPs ,the day after Seatle eliminated them. So I call in and ask them," How much money do you want the Whitecaps to lose?" Their answer shocked me! Their answer was that all big football clubs in Europe lose money. If Vancouver wants to be a big time club than losing money, is a necessity.

Wouldn't have thought that:

Premier League football clubs suffer £110m losses despite soaring revenues as players wages balloon -
The 20 top-flight English teams shelled out more on players as wages rose 12 per cent to £2.3bn last year, while a host of one-off charges also hit the bottom line

What other types of businesses can operate like this and remain solvent?

Probably a lot less than what the Argos will end up losing if you offset the losses against franchise values. I actually don't think they are losing money on the number of tickets and merchandise they are getting.

It was kind of embarrassingas an Argosfan to have so few people show up to the rally and then have John Tory beg people to buy season tickets for next year.

I'll be curious to see how many show up for the TFC parade/rally. Fewer than the Argos celebration? The same? More?

I really have no idea what to expect.

I guess we will find out tomorrow. It's definitely a Parade though. I'm guessing it will be a good show of people because the last week or so you saw Toronto FC jackets and scarves everywhere.

MLS only 3 teams in Canada and no future growth here for MLS. Enough said. Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal don't control Canada on their own, and them's the facts. The total facts.

I hope the parade in Toronto is great and huge 10 million people, whatever. Wish nothing best for TFC but TFC doesn't control Canada and MLS, did I say it, only has 3 teams with no future growth here. End of story, they have priced Canada out of future growth. For good reason though, Canada should mean zilch to MLS if they want to be like the NFL.

Who flippin cares ...It's not my money ..
Either go and enjoy or don't but the whining ...

I just dont understand how CFL teams get crusified for losing money and yet the MLS has lost billions and its the league of the future. apparently Columbus alone has lost 240 mil US.

I think though that people everywhere are starting to realize that the CFL is pretty darn good though. No question, Columbus could really be a big sore spot for the MLS and leave a lot of bitter tastes in some mouths.

A couple of years ago I read a book called Soccernomics. A lot of European teams lose a lot of money. The Spanish clubs have had to be bailed out by the government on at least one (probably more) occasion. Most countries have a few giants that are competing with other giants across Europe for the prestige of the Champions League. But at the league level, the minnows are forced to try to keep up with the giants or be left behind in the competitive dust.

The Toronto FC lost approx. $9 million US last year on revenues of $46 million US.

These losses are likely due to the team's $22 million US in guaranteed compensation for the players...probably a little more than that with bonuses and such.

Given that it appears team salary has remained consistent in 2017 with last year, but there should be an increase with revenues thanks to increases in attendance and merchandise sales and sponsorships the team should see that operating loss decline by a few million...that would be my guess. Something in the range of $5 - $7 million US would be my guess.

Argos reportedly lose $5 - $6 million in 2016 or 2015 but that is Canadian so that would likely work out to $3.5 - $4.5 million US. Max team salaries of $4.5 million or so certainly helps.

I know you are, but who cares, and why are Americans and Canadians so obsessed with the financial aspects?

Who cares if they lose money? It's not your money. You're a sports fan. Enjoy your team winning, enjoy your rivals losing, and just watch and cheer accordingly. Let the owners and the league worry about the money, and just enjoy the game and the sporting contest for what it is.

Good point Nick and I completely agree. If some person or some corporation or whatever wants to own a team and continues to own a team despite the team losing them money or sells the team to someone who then doesn't really care about losing money, really who the heck cares, just enjoy as you say. I'm sure the players getting paid in pro sports couldn't really care either, as long as the paycheques keep coming. :wink:

CFL fans I think have been more sensitive with this as it seems Canadian media for years has concentrated their efforts to point out that most CFL teams lose money while they never mentioned that say about the Blue Jays for example that were losing money or maybe even some NHL teams. Why the Canadian media seemed to be obsessed about CFL teams losing money, no idea except that many in the media which concentrated out of Toronto wanted to see the CFL fold so Toronto could get an NFL team. Hence bad press therefore. But those days seem behind us now as Toronto and the NFL seem about as far apart as ever and hardly anyone anymore can see an NFL team for the city within any reasonable time frame especially now that the Rogers Centre is out of the picture as a stadium and BMO just not being an NFL standard stadium. It would look bad on the NFL to put a team in BMO when you have a city like Regina with a much classier stadium. That would be embarrassing for the NFL.

MLS owners have 'invested' billions and that investment is paying off. Columbus has not lost $240m US - that's just crazy.

As for TFC - revenue from 2017 was over $58m US. As per Bill Manning ticket revenue per match is >$1.1m and they will play a minimum 24 home matches in 2018. So that $58m from last year will be eclipsed even if they don't make the playoffs. Lastly, given the ownership changes in DC and Orlando, TFC is now worth $550m at least.

What made you want to dig this thread up? ???

LOL. It's a Ponzi Scheme. Wait for the fall. :slight_smile: