How much longer till we get a punter

Keep congi for place kicking, but lets get someone to punt already.

I am not sure where your head has been stuffed the past few weeks, but the kid has been dramtically improving. He out kicked the pony-tailed one on Sunday with a very impressive 45 yard average, with a prairie wind thrown in.

He out-averaged Westwood on punts this past weekend....and was probably 10 yards above his yearly average on the day.....he's improving.....

did you see his punts in the 3rd quarter ? They were pretty good I say. He had an average of 45.6 yards/punt. Yes, I agree that another punter would be good, of course, cut the kid some slack, he's a rookie.

8-365 (58 longest) 45.7 av.
not bad - he got us out of trouble with the 58 yarder
as long as he keeps improving thats all that counts with beeing a rookie

Be patient everyone! we need his placekicking abilities to be steady as the cold winds start to blow!

I think that Barrett showed a lot of confidence in Congi, and he responded. In the Hamilton game, we gave up 3 safety’s when the Riders were pinned deep. Against Winnipeg, the first time he was standing in his end zone, I thought here comes another one. One of his best games IMO.