How Much Longer can Argos keep Inept Lemon?

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It is too easy to pile on Cleo Lemon right now, but after the Alouettes did so in an embarrassingly non-competitive afternoon of football, it’s also too tempting not to join in.

Argos coach Jim Barker can get angry when questioned about his underachieving quarterback and deny the significance of his struggles until he turns Double Blue in the face.

But without a competent man behind centre, it’s extremely difficult to move beyond smoke and mirrors success in the CFL, or any football league for that matter.

Cleo Lemon didn’t lose the Eastern Division championship to the Alouettes all by himself on Sunday, he had plenty of help, particularly from a defence that had no answer for Anthony Calvillo and Avon Cobourne.

But in two playoff games, all Lemon could lead his offence to was one lousy touchdown. The lone major score in Sunday’s 48-17 beatdown came in garbage time with Dalton Bell in to get his feet wet.

Afterwards, Barker continued his defence of Lemon, becoming particularly irritated when asked if the first-year CFLer would return next season.

While it’s true it is far too early for such decisions, it’s equally unfathomable that the status of Lemon won’t at least be a lengthy off-season discussion point among Argos brass.

“The off-season is the off-season, don’t even ask that question,? Barker said. “We know we have some issues. A lot of the problems we were having were not all Cleo. Cleo Lemon won 10 games for us this year on a team that won seven (combined) the last two years.?

Saying Lemon “won? 10 games for the Argos is a stretch by any measure.

Many of those, it can be argued quite strenuously, were accomplished in spite of him. And Sunday, before 58,000-plus at Olympic Stadium, he once again struggled spectacularly.

At halftime, with the Argos prospects essentially buried, Lemon had just three of nine attempts and looked shaky in the process. At the end, he was 11 for 21 and 169 yards with two interceptions.

Despite his early struggles, Barker said he gave no thought to bringing Bell in earlier. If the good ship Argonaut was going down, it was going to be with Lemon at the helm.

What did he look like? Well, there was the usual array of off-target throws but worst, against an Alouettes secondary that has been vulnerable at times, Lemon couldn’t make any headway. His tentativeness and lack of instinct outside of the pocket has continued to be his undoing.

In fairness, the learning curve to become a quarterback in the CFL isn’t always easy and Lemon is still in the early stages. But after a full season and two playoff games, has there been enough signs of progress?

“On the field, I wish I could have made some more plays here and there but it was a great learning experience,? Lemon said. “Do I want to come back and be that guy? Definitely. Who knows what’s in this store with this team.

“There are a lot of decisions that have to be made. If it’s up to me, I definitely want to be back.?

Lemon’s struggles are especially acute when compared to the accomplished veteran he watched conduct a CFL clinic on Sunday. Throwing for 334 yards and two touchdowns — including a killer 53-yard bomb to Jamal Richardson just 6:34 into the game — Anthony Calvillo certainly showed Lemon where the bar should be.

“That’s the level I’ve got to try to obtain,? Lemon said. “Being a first-year player and learning the game and just getting accustomed to it, that’s a guy you really have to have respect for.?

From the moment he was named starting quarterback — by default many would argue — you kept expecting for Lemon to start to get it, to start moving in the right direction.

The fact that he hasn’t raises the question, whether Barker approves or not: How much longer can his team afford to wait?

Let's just say there will be a very open type competition at the qb position come training camp next year at the Argos camp. I doubt Barker will be declaring Lemon is the outright starter at any point until well into camp and then it might not be him.

i’d like to see Casey Printers invited to camp.
if he makes the team, he makes it. if not, oh well.

but if Bell wins the starting job again, let him have it!

Why? Printers had one good season, six years ago. He’s done nothing since, and was chased out of town in BC for being a problem player.

That’s what you want for the Argos?

I can't speak for others, but as for me... :smiley: :thup:

You got to be kidding!

One lucky season in 2004.

He was awful in Hamilton, he brought his "cancer" attitude to BC, and we couldn't wait to drive him to the airport.

I agree Lemon isn't the answer. Go find a good QB down south and develop him. Printers will tear apart all the OTHER good things Barker has improved on.

You can cut him but you have to make sure there's somebody else better to take over. Are there any candidates that are for sure better than him?

keep thinking what dirtbag-wally wants you to think.

wally has made casey the scapegoat for his ineptness.

casey earns the grey cup start in '04, but doesnt play, and the lions lose.
wallys fault.
but wally manufactures a QB controversy and blames casey's ( justified - how would you feel at work, if you do everything to get your company ahead, but you get passed over for a promotion, then that guy runs the company into the ground? ) poor attitude for all the lions problems...problems wally created.

casey goes to hamilton.
hamilton was a terible team before casey ( just ask jason maas ) and nothing changed with printers;
same garbage o-line. same no-name receivers ( non of whom are in this league ). printers cant do it all on his own.

casey goes back to the lions.
the lions start this season 1-1 and have a lead over the Als in game 3, when casey ( once again, running for his life behind the lions garbage o-line ) is sidelined with a season-ending injury.
the lions o-line has had a part in sidelining dickenson, jackson, pierce and printers in recent memory.
the lions go 0-4 without casey.
being the team-player he is, casey feels compelled to play on one leg.
with little success due to his limited mobility, the lions don't have much success, and wally throws casey under the bus to deflect blame from himself.

casey deserves the chance to go to a good team ( the argos ) who has a good system and a good coach who will stay loyal to him and wont throw his QB under the bus - which is jim barker to a 'T'.

LOL..."dirtbag Wally" was the only one who gave Casey a 2nd chance.
Plus you don't think Casey being released had more to do with the fact he wasn't getting the job done, threw his teammates under the bus and the Lions had their future quarterback waiting in the wings?

Anyways, as for the argos, they need to bring in some competition at least. Jim Barker needs to change his stance that taking a player from another CFL roster automatically means he's not good.

Seriously, drummer, I don't get you and quarterbacks... :lol: Last thing the Argos need is Printers. Casey can go join Michael Bishop.

ofcourse he wasnt getting the job done.
he was playing on one leg.
he had NO mobility, playing behind the worst o-line in football.

caseys game IS his mobility.
he came back ONLY to try and be a team player and stop the 0-4 freefall the lions were in with him on the sidelines.

wally shouldn't have allowed casey back in.
but wally wasnt having any success with Lulay ( at that time ) or jackson.

if wally had decided to let casey sit out the season with that messed-up knee, and found lulay was capable, then released printers this off season, thats fine with me.
but to make casey the scapegoat, when he was trying to be a team player and playing on one knee is not cool with me.

...thought his first name was Cleo?....what nationality is Inept? Sounds south-american...

I agree with you about CP and about the need for competition. But when did Barker ever say that "that taking a player from another CFL roster automatically means he's not good"? What were Jeremaine Copeland and Chad Owens? As for QBs, Barker implied that he did not want to spend anything to get Jarious Jackson, and he showed no interest in Buck Pierce when he was available, but he has never said no experienced QBs are allowed. And of course he picked up a QB off a CFL roster (Dalton Bell).

He had a piss-poor attitude while he was here, but he was not the reason the Cats stunk. He had no one to throw to. (Though, unless I'm mistaken, Brock Ralph is still in the league.) I'm one of the few Hamilton fans who doesn't completely blame Printers for the problems he had with the Tiger-Cats.

oh yea...brock ralph. he SHOUDNT be in the

:thup: No, he most definitely should not.

If you boot Ralph from the league, then who are the Bombers going to give up in a trade?

What was Casey's record while a starter? What was Travis Lulay's record as a starter? I do believe we went 7-3 at the end of the year with the ginger at the helm.
Oh wait, I guess taht's what dirtbag-wally is doing to trick us. Yeah, that's it. Totally makes RATIONAL sense. :roll:

Lemon's name speaks for itself. Bell should be good and a veteran to help in out. Perhaps Buriss? Stamp fans might Tate to start playing? Ray another option.

this. I will never know why the Argos decided to start Lemon at the start of the year. should be open competition next year.. you aren't going to cut Lemon without someone you know is better, but he didn't do much to lock up a starting role.. Lemon sure didn't win the Argos 10 games this year.. Boyd/Owens won at least 8 of them