How much is Lumsden paid this year?

Hey just wondering on the type of salary Lumsden has this year also what do the other top backs in the league get paid such as Reynolds, Smith and Roberts. I cant find any salary info on the net at all and was just curious if Jesse was makin the same type of coin as the top backs since he is one.

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I would think between 100-150,000…

lumsden, an unproven back at the time of signing, making $100,000-$150,000...not a chance.

i'd guess about $70,000...especially since he only signed for 1 year plus the remainder of last year. and he never played a full pro season b4, when he signed that.

if he were to talk contract now....THEN he'd prolly command $100,000-$150,000.

70-80,000 sounds about right. If he stays after this year I bet he could get as high as 200,000.

Lumsden probably gets between 60-70 000 for his football related duties but i'm sure he earns side cash for public appearances, radio interviews, year I agree he'll command a CFL contract between 150-200 000 annually.

that is what I though it would be around $70K but what about some other top backs? like reynolds, roberts and smith. I would think in order to keep jesse around next year and years to come he would have to get at least 200k but does the CFL also pay performance bonuses?


Answer,not enough ,take about $ 250,000 off of Jason Maas's salary and give it to someone who makes a difference in the game and deserves it!!!!!!!

I would think...I'd guess...$$$ sounds about right...
Lumsden probably gets
...but I am sure he must get some side cash...

It's not your faults but salary
information is not published.

Sometimes Sports writers actually
find out what players earn

and put it in their newspaper articles.

Inside sources are the best way
to find what salaries they earn.

Let's here from you insiders.

SteelTiger where are you?

Whatever he's getting... it's not enough.

when you think about it 100K for six months of work isnt that bad of a gig, in the cfl you only work half a day compared to nfl, you dont film study too much and you have to attend off-season camps, cfl is pretty good money, i dont understand why people complain about the pay so much.

true; i highly doubt it; BS - Coach Taaffe stresses film study; false.