how much have the Bombers improved?

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General feelings around the CFL suggest the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have done a great job of improving their team this off-season.

Although they lost elite punter Jon Ryan to the NFL and leading receiver/kick returner Keith Stokes to the Toronto Argonauts, a new coaching staff and the signing of the best available free agent have gone a long way toward restoring the reputation of a team that sank to an almost unimaginable low in 2005.

The Bombers had the worst defence in CFL history last season, but three very positive things have happened to rectify that situation: They fired Jim Daley, who was personally responsible for the complete defensive collapse after co-ordinator Rod Rust left town, they hired Greg Marshall, whose record as a defensive guru speaks for itself, and they signed star middle linebacker Barrin Simpson.

Bombers’ GM Brendan Taman has also thrown a boatload of money at Canadian safety Richard Karikari in an attempt to significantly improve a porous defensive backfield. Unfortunately, Karikari is leaning toward a return to Montreal and if Winnipeg can’t land him it will be out of defensive free-agent options.

That possibility has some fans whispering concern. Just how much better can this defence possibly be with addition of one linebacker, Canadian safety Mike Crumb (obtained in a trade for QB Spergon Wynn) and some coaches? Some people are wondering just how many positions Barrin Simpson is going to play.

The defensive backs will essentially be the same and, while they should be improved with another year under their belt, that prospect is a bit scary.

The onus on Taman now shifts to his recruiting ability. He needs to find some players to challenge for spots on the defence, stat.

As he has acknowledged in the past, his job depends on it.

This is Tamans weakness! Sporty and I have been for months saying all along Taman is the problem for the Bombers right now he got two players that will make a difference. Only one that is on defense. The problem was the defense. Yes I am going to be told by hankthetankard and Pappa a lack of a DC last year was the reason. That is partly true but thats face it the weakness on the bombers defense is at linebacker and the DB's and free safety does not look good at them momment. Then on the offensive side of the ball who the heck is going to be a QB here. Glenn has not shown anyone that they should be afraid of his talents and the others are well in the same boat. Losing their MVP Ryan to the NFL are they better. No! So now Bomber fans we will see what Taman brings to the table.

....dissecting your comments easy ...cuz I'm going to surprise you right off the bat....I agree with you that Taman DID A LOUSY recruiting last year....but that has changed this year...key signings will make a huge difference with the Bombers in 06....Simpson for starters...but we ain't finished yet....I think you are being a little premature about what our team is going to finally look like.....Despite what you say ...our d took on a new look at the end of 05 and personnel -wise wasn't all that bad....I don't get what you mean when you say two signings don't make that much difference....if you look back that's about all the Stamps had of any note ....before the turn-around.....namely Henry and the guy we let slip away...Clarke.....You're going to see a huge difference in the coaching mentality and that's a fact.....So if you think the Bombers are going to be 'bottom-feeders' you put it.....WRONG.....this is the -turn-around friend....we'll be ready to take it to ya... :wink:

I think they've improved enough to finish ahead of saskatchewan in the west.

sask has never been good bombers will always be ahead of them

.........guess you were asleep last year huh?.........

Again pappa read again! The Stamps signed more then FA's last year. Our defensive backs are all new. Rambo new, Martay Jenkins new in fact there were 19 new players added to the roster Tony Stallings another who finally got to play in the last game of the season. This is what Taman has to do. Taman needs too recruit. I agree last year the guy was in a bar drinking with Shivers in Vegas for their recruitment. I do not believe you guys will be ahead of the Riders. They do have a good team but lousy QB much like you guys. Premature yes and if you read that is what I said Taman's recruitment is critical at this point he better bring in players to get this team to improve. I am one CFL fan that does not think Taman is the guy to do it. So If you think the Stamps only added Burris and Copeland to make them better you are sadly mistaken. It takes a team to win. You need to build a team. Taman is not the guy to do it. In fact at least Shivers can find a diamond in the rough where Taman does his recruitment on reality shows!

He must have been in summer school. I hope for Bomber fans that Taman does his job this year. Big deal he signed two players and traded the only QB that could make the Bombers better.

........the difference between the BB defense today and the defense of Calgary's a year ago is that Calgary's was coming off a strong '04 year.......our problem in '04 was offense, couldn't score any points with the run and shoot plan.....but our D wasn't too bad and other than a really bad game against Hamilton I believe they kept us in many a fourth quarter to no comparison, the BB D is coming off one of the worst D seasons ever, of all time.......can it be turned around? Sure it can and Berry seems like he's qualified to do it........but it will be a long climb out of the pit.......guys like Simpson will certainly help, by skill, and by locker room waits to be seen if it comes to fruitation though.........

And it depends on Taman bringing in some new defensive players. If it was like last years recruitment they have no chance.

not by much, if you ask me. we haven't signed anyone to fill the holes left by Stokes or other players, and we haven't improved our O line. Still have much to do.

i thought the bombers signed flight 57?...doesnt he return kicks?

no such, he play for the BBs before my time (became a fan officially on 2003 or 2004, unofficially since 1992)

but our biggest problem id the o line IMO, they couldn't stop anything last season.

See pappa, piggy and Hank KK can see the writing on the wall!

i was on now ppl are starting to panic cuz we havent made that much progress other than AJ and the barrin

I like to be otomistic RW2k6, but Taman needs to start working and NOW!!!

KJ back wouldn’t be bad as well, cuz Glenn just isn’t our guy, he has the numbers but can win us the games.

It starts with the management team. Although I have my doubts that Taman can be a good GM, the coaching staff appears very credible. As for the team, there are some good signs, but like the other posters the crucial position of QB is suspect and also the D. Way too many holes in this ship, although it has been righted.

maybe Campbell can be the Bombers GM?

...I see a couple of nervous Stamp fans....hoping the Bombers will repeat as cellar dwellers....guess we'll have to wait till the season begins and rosters are set ...and then we'll do our talking on the field...keep under estimating us.... red.....we' re gonna love giving Henry some nervous feet to match your' jittery' out-look for the Bombers .... :lol:

First of pappa you need D lineman not snails to do anything better then last year. As far as afraid you make me laugh. I am glad though that the Bomber fans are optimistic. Then when they lose it will not hurt as much. One Linebacker signing does not make a team. One thing that will be better by mid season is the coaching staff. Taman has to prove to you guys you belong out of the basement. He has not done that yet. March, April and then May not much time to bring in a few ducks to play. To many holes to fill and Taman has nothing to fill them with. But again at least the coaching staff has improved.