How much does Shaw presents Grey Cup pay for rights?

Anyone found that information? i've been trying to get that information and nothing has come up. Was told few things about it. 1) $2m a season. 2) they dont pay anything but are major partners with all CFL teams for rights.

Not sure what the exact deal is with SHAW but i'm sure its a good one.

Shaw desperately wants a piece of the CFL action. They also sponsor the CFL Performers of the Week. National jersey patches sell for $1M with local patches at $500k. I'd peg Shaw's Grey Cup title sponsorship at well over $5M:

The CFL is Canada’s premier sporting event, reaching millions from coast-to-coast every week, and this partnership will provide Shaw with a historic national platform that allows us to connect with our customers and CFL fans in a meaningful way,? said Brad Shaw, CEO of Shaw Communications Inc. “We are proud to support such a profoundly Canadian institution as the CFL and are privileged to be the first ever presenting sponsor in the Grey Cup’s storied history.?

I could be wrong but I thought I saw it somewhere when they signed it was 5 yr. deal at 10 mil. per.

I thought it was $5M/yr but we probably will never know.

wow that is pretty good. i'm trying to get info from sources about this topic and the possible league naming rights or at least the market amount it can be had for.