How much does it suck that...

in a year in which I think we are getting the most usa exposure, we start off with so many stinkers. damn

Not enough preseason.

Too many dropped passes, procedure penalties. I think I've seen 6 or 7 NO END penalties. I've seen a no end call on a punt formation AND a field goal!!! How the hell do you have no end on a kick play??

Not enough preseason.

more often than not, there are some really good games on week 1. number of preseason games has nothing to do with it.

Well are the games stinkers or not?

Lol what? Im confused here.

aww man, cmon. it is so obvious.

Most yrs they are not, this yr they are. How could you miss that?

Stinkers? I don’t think so, but lets look at the math comparing Weeks 1&2 of 2010 to 2011.

2010 average margin of victory: 10.5 points
2010 points scored per game: 61.25 points
2010 games decided by 2 touchdowns or more: 4
2010 games decided by a FG or less: 3

2011 average margin of victory: 8.5 points
2011 points scored per game: 52 points
2011 games decided by 2 touchdowns or more: 3
2011 games decided by a FG or less: 2

I don’t see a big difference. IMO the biggest difference is that 2010 started with that barn-burner of a game between SSK and MTL. But those kind of games are pretty rare… especially in the first week.

But if you think this year has been stinkers, I disagree but I guess that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

Well which games were stinkers? Winnipeg and Hamilton, Calgary and Toronto. Boring because of dropped passes, dumb penalties, badly missed field goals. Like I said above ... how do you get a no end penalty on a punt formation?

Sometimes sloppiness makes excitement true, like Sasktachewan's sloppy coverage and sloppy tackling makes big plays, but crap like Gore dropping 3 passes and fumbling is boring and slows things down. When you take 3 or 4 procedures in the first quarter it's totally lame and slow. Stops the clock and makes you yawn. This is what makes these opening 2 weeks have stinkers. Nobody's really been blown out. There have been 3 games between 10-20 point spreads and none bigger than 18. So all of the "stinkers" come down to Kevin Glenn missing throws, Gore dropping passes, and the Stamps lining up with no end on a punt formation. Boneheaded bull that is DIRECTLY attributed to being not ready to play. Not ready because there's not enough preseason.

What have I missed?

Maybe they just need more training camp and inter-squad games rather than pre-season games. Even with four pre-season games the starters aren't necessarily going to play more than they do now with two games. The new guys will get longer looks maybe and the rookies might have more playing time, but I'm not sold that it's absolutely going to result in fewer early season mistakes. That said, I have also argued that early season games tend sometimes to be yawners because of dumb errors. I just don't think extra games, and all the risk of injury that those bring, really makes a big enough difference.

On the bright side, no yards calls appear to be down this early in the season.

Pass Interference calls seem to be down too at this point atleast.

That might also be because they finally figured out what does and doesn't count as PI... :wink:

Maybe there stinkers cause your team is 0 and 2, I think the games have been great this year,but my team is 2 and 0 so I might be bias. :wink: