How Much Do You Think The New Deal Is Worth???

I believe BCE keeps the Grey Cup on TSN in the hope of attracting viewers/buyers of TSN - assuming a lot of older viewers might not have anything but the most basic of cable.

This is exactly why. The Superbowl is on CTV and not TSN because the game is freely available with basic cable or OTA to most Canadians via the American network broadcasting it and BCE wouldn't be able to force the simulacast with Canadian commercials. The day ABC, CBS, NBC or FOX broadcasts the Grey Cup game live, is the day it airs on CTV.

CTV would gain BCE more viewers, but they obviously feel that the increased TSN subscriber base is worth more.

This deal secures the CFL funding structure for years

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I guess the deal could be for what's here?

If the Argonauts are getting 2 Grey Cups as part of the sale as rumoured that would significantly offset Bells investment.

I predicted, incorrectly, the TV contract extension numbers would be out by the beginning of the season. I am disappointed we don't know.

Who cares as long as it works.

I'm curious and I care.

Fair enough, to each his own.

I just want there to be a happy ending to this renegotiation. It will not affect me, of course, but I’d like to think/believe/know they were given a boost from TSN.

Kevin You are so,correct it is a big deal. There is no way that we should not know the last agreement was undervalued
I know that the CFLPA will start to raise questions - it may not be till 2018 when this agreement runs out but it would be foolish to,say they did not get an increase for the next 3 years - it is significant and thank you for asking and probing until you find the answer

Hope you're right - and hopefully the increase started this year. :thup:

I think if it was a significant deal the league would be bragging about it and the owners would also be talking about it. The deal was an "extension" and I assume it would kick in after the last deal was set to expire in 2018. If you want to know what teams are getting from the TV deal you just have to look at the financial statement that the Riders and Esks release every spring which gives a breakdown of revenue and expenses and shows exactly how much they got from the TV deal.

It's interesting that TSN pays the Ottawa Senators $42 million to broadcast 54 NHL games, yet they pay the CFL $42 million to broadcast 80 games plus the playoffs and GC. The TSN NHL games are only seen in Eastern Ontario.
I assume that advertisers are willing to pay more to TSN to get their product on an NHL broadcast even though it's a smaller audience. Maybe it's a CFL image thing and advertisers aren't convinced, Orridge admitted again yesterday that they have to do a better job at selling the game to a younger audience especially in the huge rich GTA.

You need only look at the commercials playing during games to prove your point. Compare that to what plays during NHL games.

The fact that your main sponsor(Safeway) has no presence (to my knowledge) in the largest population centre in Canada says a lot...

I don't' know exactly what advertisers look at when they are deciding where to spend their money, but I assume it is size of audience and age of audience, possibly whether it's male or female.

And fact of the matter is CFL audiences are shrinking the last few years while seemingly getting older. Where would you place your money if money is all that matters?