How Much Do You Miss The CFL?

I'm not sure how to create a poll on here anymore but I would like to hear your opinions on the level of your missing the CFL this year.

is it:

A. I miss it alot

B. I miss it but not as much as I thought I would

C. I don't miss it

Perhaps you can weigh in with your thoughts..

For me it is A.

I asked some family members and some friends this question. All of them are past CFL fans.

I was surprised as were they when most went to B. Some went to C. Very few answered A.

Overall their answers were not overly comforting.

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Going with “A”, miss it a lot. Especially Tim Hortons Field and the Cats!

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Miss the CFL more than I thought I would.

I knew I would miss THF and going to games, but even the overall "game" I miss.

Unfortunately I've started watching the NFL.

Watched Buffalo get gifted a win on a horrible PI call. Made me feel right at home. Guess bad reffing isn't just a CFL problem.


I'm between and A and B. Is miss going to the games but also understand it's unpredecented times beyond anyone's control.

Will focus more on other interests and will follow again once there is something to watch or attend

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Somedays it's A. Somedays it's B. Somedays it's A+ (more than I thought I would, and I thought I'd miss it a lot).

Overall, I miss it a lot but I'm resigned to the situation and just nervously hopeful about next year.

I'm with you.

Under normal conditions I would be flying out this week to Montreal for a week's stay and attending the scheduled Thanksgiving Day game featuring the Argos versus the Als. It would have been my first CFL game in person. I'm hoping this time next year I'll be able to fly to wherever in Canada the Thanksgiving Day game is being held (I'm hoping it's Montreal).


It's A for me

Focusing on my Twins Lacrosse (Field and Box) endeavors.

When they come back I will be ready to support them.

Season ticket money is forwarded to the next season.

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Ah well you can pick your friends but not your family now, and well, I think you chose poorly to ask them but hey they are yours.

A. I miss it a lot. I'm here often you know and getting my football fix as much as I can with the NFL, for the NCAA is lame and a joke too.

"EH"! What is a word that Canadians say alot and signifies an option for an informal poll being conducted in CFL Forums, Alex


Nothing was worse than that missed PI in that playoff game between the Saints and Vikings. That incident turned me off from the Shield, And I'm not a fan of the team that was hosed in that fiasco

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I'll never criticize CFL officiating again. Promise.


Absolutely agree with this. I try to watch all CFL games. Even if I'm busy with chores around the house I will still have the TV running in the background with whatever CFL game is on.

The weekends feel really empty without any CFL games. :pensive:




...A for me too

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man oh man.

for the first time in my life I just checked the NFL Sunday Schedule.

And in other Sunday news we have just learned that Hell has frozen over.

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I would say a hard A. It depresses me seeing the other league playing.


for most of the last 55 years, I would be beside myself in grief but not so much this year. AFL and NHL got me thru the summer and now NFL is so far so good.

I have been readying myself the last few years for the possibility of the eventual demise of the CFL. So I guess in a way I am sort of prepared for the worst.

What I do miss is seeing Reilly and Burnham do their thing.

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