How much did Guelph actually help the Cats this year?

Just wondering what people think after reading from the players/coaches that the Guelph experience, while not as convenient of course as playing in your own city, actually helped the team with bonding and camaraderie etc. that could have contributed to getting the Cats to where they are now? Hard to quantify I suppose?

Adversity seems to always draw people closer together, particularly with sports teams. I think the fact we had no home field to practice or play on, the bus trips to and from games and practices, the bad weather up there for the most part, questionable fan support considering the distance to travel were all factors in bringing the team together. Considering all this, it is amazing to me that we have come so far when no one expected it considering what we had to deal with.

This team has come through a lot this year, that is for sure. :thup:

I think the experience and spending all that time on the bus has been an advantage because the players have made good use of the time to bond, get to know each other better and have fun together! It has helped to build the culture that Austin wants. They have learned to deal with things that are difficult but beyond their control and turn it into a positive. I think Guelph is one of the reasons that the team has made it this far and I hope that they have some acknowledgement of Guelph when they design their Grey Cup rings!! ( a nice red stone or a G or something) :smiley:

I think the Guelph experience added a lot to this team, to stay together, the bus rides, the fan experience and it was great that Guelph was there to showcase the Cats this year as our home stadium until Tim Horton's Field is completed. I enjoyed attending games in Guelph as I know many Tiger-Cat fans did as well a few challenging weather dates in the schedule but hey that's Canadian Football.

If the Tiger-Cats have a parade in Hamilton to honour our Grey Cup Champs maybe they should have a second ceremony in Guelph to say thanks!


Questionable fan support?

Did Alumni Stadium ever actually sell out? Of the 5 games I made it to, there were always empty sections of seats.

I think only the Thanksgiving game sold out, and even that may not have as there were seats beside on us in the 55 that were empty.

I feel the ticats were extremely disappointed with the actual support from Guelph, despite all the talk before the season of the hype supposedly about the team in Guelph.

I personally spoke to students on the way back from a game who never even new there was a game on.

This probably shows even more the support of Hamilton fans, having about 12k travel that far for every game. I'm sure the players appreciated it.

I'm sure the players appreciated it as well. I very much doubt most students at Guelph cared if there was a CFL game on to be honest. I bet as in many Canadian universities, most students don't even care or know when their own university is playing at home. And if it was choice between going to a Gryphons game or Cats game at Alumni Stadium, they would choose the Gryphons I bet.


You must have forgotten what it's like to be a student. They can't afford the $60 - $80 for a ticket let alone the $9 beer. I spoke with many of them and they knew about the Cats and game day. And the majority know about university game days. I did have a few students in an early season game tell me that because of all the extra seating that they were looking forward to homecoming because they had never had so many people able to attend the game. I believe it was a record crowd for Guelph.
Don't sell them so short.