how much did Bob pay for the ti-cats?

does anyone know or remember what the current owners of the ticats and argos paid for those teams in '04?

or have any idea what a current cfl team might sell for?

what did the stamps sell for to the current owners?

I don't think those Figgers where every Released.

stamps apparently sold for $7M

IMO, It depends on the team and he timing of the sale. The Argos and Ticats of 04 were in dire need of owners so I'd argue that Bob Young and Sokolowski/Cynamon got good deals. I predict they paid in 5-7 million range. Today they could probably get 10-12 million for their teams. I say that Edmonton and Montreal would fetch the most.

I hazard a guess that the real question should be:

"How much is Bob continuing to pay for the Ticats ? "


montreal doesnt make very much money right now, playing in a 20K seat stadium.

i'd bet the BC lions are worth more than montreal.

the reason i brought this up is, a guy ( barnes7 ) on the bombers board, thinks the bombers are worth $19M…that doesnt seem even close to right to me.

i betcha rough riders r the most they have crazy fans

I recall hearing something like 10 Million with all debts of the team being erased.

I believe the deal landed saw bob paying off some of the accumulated debt in kind to the lenders.

Many of the same lenders got fleeced when the community owned team transferred over to the limited partnership, and again when George and David (tweedle dumb and tweedle dee) assumed ownership.

19 mill for the bumbers, wishful dreaming. Bob's needed to be very creative to even get the Cats near a breakeven position. The Cats are essentially a subsidiary of MRX. The largest client, but only one of many that will be needed to make the whole operation self sufficient from a fiscal standpoint..

That is Pretty Harsh..
They Won us a Grey Cup Something Bob Has yet to do.

Shure the left us But I will not Dismiss them
They Tried and Failed but Still Won us a Grey Cup.
They Gave US Ronnie Danny and Daren.
They Gave Us a Defence that Ate QB Alive
They Gave Us Too Stight Grey Cup Births.
1 Win.

So there Mangent of our Club was Poor
That I agree with.. But Again Think 1999.

Also what If they did not Step up to buy the Team
The Team may have Folded and We be just Like Ottawa Now.
There would be no Bob Young Cause the Team would have Folded

Think on that.

Don't get me started, or I'll bring the Brilliant Braley into the mix. Too bad he wasn't throwing his money around when he owned the Cats like he is now. He was partially on the right track until he gave up and indirectly blammed the league for his woes.

Bob as done a wonderful job of marketing a very bad football team since he became owner.Just thank what he will do if they ever become a good football team.We will be all demanding more seating at the stadiam and the ticats will be worth 20 million.George and David always made sure we always had a good QB but could'nt market to pay the bills

i agree with holymoly, what will happend when we have a productive year or team, we will all bgoing nuts,